Picture for anagnostou.1

Georgios Anagnostou
Associate Professor
614 688-3721

Picture for batra-wells.1

Puja Batra-Wells
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate Archivist
614 292-9936

Picture for behan.4

Lynda Behan
Faculty, OSU Marion
740 725-6284

Picture for bender.4

Mark Bender
Associate Professor
614 292-1746

Picture for benedetti.6

Cristina Benedetti
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate Archivist

Picture for borland.19

Katherine Borland
Director of the Center for Folklore Studies, Associate Professor
614 247-0045

Picture for cahill.129

Erin Cahill

Picture for cashman.11

Lorraine Cashman
Associate Director, American Folklore Society
614 292-4715

Picture for cashman.10

Ray Cashman
Associate Professor

Picture for christensen.167

Danille Christensen
Senior Lecturer, English

Picture for cleto.2

Sara Cleto
Ph.D. Student

Picture for brutus.0

Jeffrey H. Cohen
Associate Professor
614 247-7872

Picture for collins.232

Daniel E. Collins
Associate Professor
614 292-7791

Picture for dunlap.202

Sarah Dunlap
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for estiri.1

Ehsan Estiri
Graduate Student, NELC

Picture for farr.18

Marcia Farr, Ph.D.
Professor, emeritus
614 292-0095

Picture for ferris.36

Lesley Ferris
Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor
614 292-0829

Picture for fitzgerald.268

Katherine (Kati) Fitzgerald
PhD Student and University Fellow

Picture for flores.154

Nicholas Flores
PhD Student

Picture for brutus.0

Allison Furlong

Picture for garcia.7

Salvador García Castañeda
614 292-9144

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
Professor, Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
614 247-1790

Picture for green.693

Richard Firth Green
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
614 247-7088

Picture for hanson.94

Susan Hanson
Academic Program Coordinator, Lecturer
614 247-6539

Picture for hopkin.7

Rachel Hopkin
Graduate Student, English

Picture for johnston.2

Sarah Iles Johnston
614 292-2058

Picture for jacobs.921

Tessa Jacobs
Graduate Student, English

Picture for jania.1

Alex Jania
M.A. Student
(512) 922-0179

Picture for johnson.5402

Christofer Johnson
MA/PhD, Department of English
1 (803) 646-9068

Picture for kalu.5

Anthonia Kalu
Professor, African-Amer & African Studies
614 688-5779

Picture for kaplan.103

Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor of Folklore and Scandinavian Studies
614 247-8061

Picture for karna.5

Bishal Karna
Graduate Administrative Associate, Center for Folklore Studies

Picture for brutus.0

Nathalie Knöhr
Visiting Scholar

Picture for lee.89

Valerie Lee
Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Picture for lloyd.100

Tim Lloyd
Director, American Folklore Society & Adjunct Associate Professor
614 292-3375

Picture for mills.186

Margaret Mills
Professor Emeritus
614 292-7136

Picture for modan.1

Gabriella Modan
Associate Professor
614 292-0338

Picture for moe.1

John Moe
614 292-1699

Picture for mullen.4

Patrick Mullen
Professor Emeritus

Picture for nieto.12

Nicole Nieto
Ph.D. Student & Program Manager, Academic Initiatives
614 688-8449

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
Professor in the Departments of English and Comparative Studies, a faculty associate of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies
614 292-8683

Picture for park-miller.1

Chan E. Park
614 292-1908

Picture for patterson.493

Cassie Patterson
Assistant Director, Center for Folklore Studies & Director of the Folklore Archives
614 292-1639

Picture for brutus.0

Laura Pearce
Graduate Student

Picture for povedak.2

István Povedak
Visiting Scholar

Picture for povedak.1

Kinga Povedak
Visiting Scholar

Picture for randhawa.20

Amanda Randhawa
Graduate Student, Comparative Studies

Picture for rezaeisahraei.1

Afsane Rezaei
Graduate Student, Comparative Studies

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
614 292-6555

Picture for sims.78

Martha Sims
Senior Lecturer
614 688-8567

Picture for stockwell.24

Madeilne Stockwell
Graduate Fellow, Spanish and Portuguese

Picture for stork.8

Sarah Jasmine Stork
MA Student and University Fellow

Picture for toy.36

Caroline Toy
MA Student and University Fellow

Picture for brutus.0

Zhiguo (Jack) Wang
Visiting Scholar

Picture for warman.17

Brittany Warman
Ph.D. Student & Graduate Administrative Associate for the Center for Folklore Studies

Picture for webb.45

Kathy Webb
Subject Librarian, Folklore
614 688-5861

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Associate Professor
614 292-9255

Picture for wyszomirski.1

Margaret Wyszomirski
614 292-5757

Picture for you.50

Ziying You
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for zhao.397

Yuanhao Zhao
Phd Student- Near Eastern Languages and Cultures