Puja Batra-Wells
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate Archivist
Popular Culture and Folklore
Material and Visual Cultures
Museums and Tourism
614 292-9936
Lynda Behan Lynda Behan
Faculty, OSU Marion
Composition 740 725-6284
Elizabeth Bell Elizabeth Bell
Senior Lecturer
Indigenous Studies
614 247-8828
Mark Bender Mark Bender
Associate Professor
Traditional performance and performance-connected literature of China
Han and ethnic minority cultures
614 292-1746
Cristina Benedetti
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate Archivist
Festivals and Public Gatherings
Alternative Economies
Katherine Borland Katherine Borland
Associate Professor, CFS Director of Undergraduate Studies
Postcolonial (World) Literature
Folklore, Latin American Folklore, Festival, Dance
Writing, Ethnography
614 247-0045