Picture for degrandis.5

Mario DeGrandis
Ph.D. Student
  • Chinese Literature

Picture for anagnostou.1

Georgios Anagnostou
Associate Professor
614 688-3721
  • Greek-American culture and society
  • Ethnography
  • Diaspora studies

Picture for aubry.9

Stephanie Aubry
Lecturer, Department of Spanish and...
  • Post Civil War El Salvador

Picture for manjonvanewyk.1

Sonia BasSheva Manjon
Director of Barnett Center, Associate...
(614) 292-0273

Picture for batra-wells.1

Puja Batra-Wells
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate...
614 292-9936
  • Popular Culture and Folklore
  • Material and Visual Cultures
  • Museums and Tourism

Picture for behan.4

Lynda Behan
Faculty, OSU Marion
740 725-6284
  • Composition

Picture for bender.4

Mark Bender
Professor, Chair of Department of East...
(614) 688-5737
  • Traditional performance and...
  • Han and ethnic minority cultures

Picture for benedetti.6

Cristina Benedetti
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate...
  • Festivals and Public Gatherings
  • Performance
  • Alternative Economies

Picture for bock.0

Sheila Bock
Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary...

Picture for boone.44

Graeme Boone
Professor of Music & Director,...
  • Musicology

Picture for borland.19

Katherine Borland
Director of the Center for Folklore...
614 247-0045
  • Politics of Culture
  • Latin American Folklore
  • Festival and Dance

Picture for brown.2583

Christopher Brown
Lecturer, Classics

Picture for campbell.1120

Matthew Campbell
Ph.D. Student, Music

Picture for cavus.2

Yeliz Cavus
Ph.D. Student
(614) 688-5626
  • Late Ottoman History
  • Early Republican Turkish History
  • Ottoman Intellectual History

Picture for cleto.2

Sara Cleto
Ph.D. Student
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fantastic Literature
  • Nineteenth Century Literature

Picture for brutus.0

Jeffrey H. Cohen
Associate Professor
614 247-7872
  • Migration
  • Development
  • Nutrition

Picture for collins.232

Daniel E. Collins
Associate Professor
614 292-7791
  • Historical pragmatics
  • East and West Slavic linguistics
  • Old Church Slavonic; Old Russian (...
Sarah Craycraft
Incoming MA Student

Picture for dunlap.202

Sarah Dunlap
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Ecocriticism
  • 20th Century Literature
  • Sexuality Studies

Picture for enciso.4

Patricia Enciso
Associate Professor, School of...
  • Reading/Learning Cross-Culturally...
  • Multicultural and Latino/a...
  • Sociocultural and Critical...

Picture for espinosa.24

Víctor Espinosa
Lecturer in the Department of...
(614) 292-0563
  • Transnational Migration and Art
  • Outsider Art and Artistic...
  • Human Rights and Suffering

Picture for estiri.1

Ehsan Estiri
PhD Student, NELC
  • Performance Studies/Festival
  • Film/ Film Ethnography
  • Mind and body in collective...

Picture for farr.18

Marcia Farr, Ph.D.
Professor, emeritus
614 292-0095
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Literacy (bilingualism, biliteracy...

Picture for ferris.36

Lesley Ferris
Arts & Humanities Distinguished...
614 292-0829

Picture for fitzgerald.268

Katherine (Kati) Fitzgerald
PhD Student and University Fellow
  • Performance
  • Tibetal performing arts
  • Modern Tibetan studies

Picture for flores.154

Nicholas Flores
PhD Student

Picture for foulis.5

Elena Foulis
Director, Flora Stone Mather Center...
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • U.S. Latin@ Literature
  • Multiethnic Literature

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
Professor, Department of Slavic and...
614 247-1790
  • Russian culture (with emphasis on...
  • Visual culture, especially art,...
  • Film adaptation

Picture for vaillancourt.8

Vaillancourt Gregg
Ph.D. Student

Picture for hanson.94

Susan Hanson
Academic Program Coordinator, Lecturer
614 247-6539
  • Performance Studies
  • War
  • Veteran Studies

Picture for hodgens.4

Lindsay Hodgens
MA/PhD Student
  • Pop Culture
  • Gender & Sexuality Studies

Picture for brutus.0

Nicholas Hoffman
Incoming PhD Student

Picture for brutus.0

Jess Holler
Incoming PhD Student

Picture for hopkin.7

Rachel Hopkin
Graduate Student, English

Picture for johnston.2

Sarah Iles Johnston
614 292-2058

Picture for jacobs.921

Tessa Jacobs
Graduate Student, English

Picture for johnson.5402

Christofer Johnson
MA/PhD, Department of English
1 (803) 646-9068
  • Ballads, Sea Shanties, and Songs...
  • The Intersection of Music and...
  • Storytelling

Picture for kaplan.103

Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor of Folklore and...
614 247-8061
  • Old Norse-Icelandic literature
  • Folklore
  • Nineteenth-century Norwegian...

Picture for karna.5

Bishal Karna
PhD Candidate, Department of...
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Asian Religions in America
  • Religious Studies Theory and...

Picture for bahl.24

Erin Kathleen Bahl
Graduate Student (PhD)
  • Digital Media Studies
  • Folklore Studies
  • Religion and Multimodality

Picture for mcsweeney.14

McSweeney Kendra
Professor, Geography
(614) 247-6400
  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Cultural and Political Ecology

Picture for kerr.92

Heather Kerr
BSPH Academic and Career Advisor,...
(614) 292-8350

Picture for lee.89

Valerie Lee
Professor Emeritus
  • American Literature
  • African American Literature &...
  • Women's Literature &...

Picture for liu.4911

Wei Liu
MA Student
  • Chinese Literature

Picture for lovejoy.42

Jordan Lovejoy
Graduate Student (MA/PhD)

Picture for martinez.475

Miranda Martinez
Associate Professor
  • Latino and Puerto Rican Studies
  • Urban Studies

Picture for mills.186

Margaret Mills
Professor Emeritus
614 292-7136
  • Popular culture of the Persian and...
  • Afganistan

Picture for modan.1

Gabriella Modan
Associate Professor
614 292-0338
  • Sociolingusitics, discourse...
  • Ethnography
  • Place and Space Theory

Picture for moe.1

John Moe
614 292-1699

Picture for mullen.4

Patrick Mullen
Professor Emeritus
  • Folk belief
  • Legend
  • Folksong

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
Professor in the Departments of...
  • Folklore, performance, festivals
  • Heritage
  • Romance-speaking Mediterranean

Picture for park-miller.1

Chan E. Park
614 292-1908
  • Korean Language & Literature
  • Korean Traditional Oral Narrative
  • Asian and Western Drama and Theatre

Picture for patterson.493

Cassie Patterson
Assistant Director, Center for...
614 292-1639
  • Folklore Studies
  • Appalachian Studies
  • Commemoration and public display

Picture for brutus.0

Laura Pearce
Graduate Student

Picture for randhawa.20

Amanda Randhawa
Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Studies
  • Ethnography
  • South Asian Religion
  • Modern South Asia

Picture for rezaeisahraei.1

Afsane Rezaei
PhD Student & CFS Graduate...
  • Folklore and New Media
  • Anthropology of the Middle East
  • Women's Domestic Culture

Picture for schoon.2

Danielle V. Schoon
  • Turkish Studies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Urban Anthropology

Picture for shank.46

Barry Shank
Professor and Department Chair,...
(614) 247-6186
  • Capitalism and Sentiment
  • U.S. Cultural Theory
  • Cultural Theory

Picture for shao.192

Wenyuan Shao
Ph.D. Student
  • Chinese Literature

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
614 292-6555
  • Narrative
  • Theory
  • Ethnic Identity

Picture for sims.78

Martha Sims
Senior Lecturer
614 688-8567
  • Composition (including Basic...
  • Folklore

Picture for smith.10830

Madeleine Smith
Graduate Student (MA/PhD)

Picture for spanos.4

Joanna Spanos
Academic Counselor and Staff Assistant...
(614) 292-5104
  • Folklore Studies
  • 19th Century Cultural Studies
  • Heritage Festivals

Picture for stockwell.24

Madeilne Stockwell
Graduate Fellow, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Basque folklore
  • Cultural revival

Picture for stork.8

Sarah Jasmine Stork
MA Student and University Fellow
  • Fatness and body size diversity
  • Mixed race and intersectionality
  • Alternative sexualities and sexual...

Picture for toy.36

Caroline Toy
MA/PhD Student
  • Vernacular Religion
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • Fan Studies

Picture for urban.41

Hugh Urban
Professor, Comparative Studies
  • Sexuality
  • Secrecy
  • Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies

Picture for vangas.2

Nicole Vangas

Picture for brutus.0

Sydney Varajon
Incoming PhD Student

Picture for warman.17

Brittany Warman
Ph.D. Candidate
  • British Romantic & Victorian...
  • Folklore Studies
  • Gender & Sexuality Studies

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Professor, Near Eastern Languages and...
614 292-9255
  • Folkloristics (esp. Résistance...
  • Ethnography (esp. Social Capital)
  • Colonial/Contemporary North Africa

Picture for weiner.141

Isaac Weiner
Assistant Professor
  • Religion and law
  • Material and sensory cultures of...
  • Religion and sound

Picture for wyszomirski.1

Margaret Wyszomirski
614 292-5757
  • Cultural policies and the arts
  • Philanthropy and the arts
  • Public policy process

Picture for young.2278

Nathan Young
Graduate Student (PhD)
  • Modern Turkish
  • Turkish Folklore and Village Life
  • Turkic Central Asia

Picture for zhao.397

Yuanhao Zhao
Phd Student- Near Eastern Languages...
  • Muslim minorities in China (...
  • Identity Studies
  • Narratives and activities of...