Congratulations, Gregg!

December 1, 2016
blank notebook

Congratulations to Gregg Vaillancourt, who with professorial demeanor passed his PhD qualifying exams this afternoon!

Congratulations, Christofer Johnson (now ABD)!

November 2, 2016
Chris Johnson

Congratulations to Christofer Johnson, who today passed the oral of his qualifying exams with flying colors and is now ABD. Chris is planning a dissertation on the adaptation strategies of fishing communities in the Orkney Islands as they confront economic and environmental change.

CFS in solidarity with Yücel and Derya

September 7, 2016
yucel and derya

On Thursday, September 1st,  Ohio State alumni Yücel Demirer and Derya Keskin-Demirer were permanently dismissed from their positions at Kocaeli University in Turkey u