The Appalachian Project, Ohio

The Appalachian Project, Ohio is a collaboration of the Center for Folklore Studies and Student Life's Department of Social Change

About the Project

The Appalachian Project, Ohio (AP) is a mixed-methods, interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students dedicated to understanding the educational routes of young people in the Appalachian counties of Ohio. To date, project members have already collected background research on the region, conducted visits to 15 counties, and accumulated over 500GB of video interviews with community members. We have presented at a conference on poverty at OSU as well as at a roundtable at the 2013 and 2014 annual conferences of the Appalachian Studies Association.

The AP team takes a predominantly narrative approach to data collection, relying on quantitative data for supporting and complicating information. We believe that listening to the personal reflections of the young people and older adults affected by economic and educational challenges in the region will give us a fuller picture of the issues affecting Appalachian Ohio and lead us to new findings to assist recovery. The purpose of the project is to use interdisciplinary approaches to identify the factors affecting Ohio Appalachian students’ decisions and/or readiness to obtain post-secondary education, understand Ohio Appalachian students’ strategies for negotiating their college experiences, produce recommendations for addressing the barriers and challenges that students face, work toward creating a sustainable educational and economic atmosphere in Appalachian Ohio, and create a conversation at OSU and beyond about the issues Ohio Appalachian students and the region face.

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Interested in the work we do? Want to help sustain The Appalachian Project, Ohio? You can make a one-time or recurring donation or our team by reviewing Ohio State University's "Ways to Give" website. Our fund number is 315274. All donations directly support students and programming.

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If you are interested in getting involved with The Appalachian Project, Ohio, fill out this form and one of ourcoordinators will follow up with you. To learn more about what we do and to hear why you should share your story, watch out informational video. Thanks!

Project Archives: Data gathered by The Appalachian Project team is stored at the Center for Folklore Studies Archives. For more information about volunteering with the team or using project data for research, contact Cassie Patterson at

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