Collection Project Guidelines/Checklist

  • Cover Page
    • Descriptive (not artistic or creative) title of the collection
    • Your Name
    • Your permanent  address
    • Your phone number
    • Instructor's name
    • Course Number
    • Semester and year
  • Collector Release Form
    This form acknowledges your consent to have your folklore project housed in the Center for Folklore Studies Archives. If you do not wish to have your project submitted to the Archives, please contact your instructor.
  • Informant Release Form(s)
    This form is a consent form that is signed by your informant and acknowledges that your informant understands the project you are doing and agrees to be interviewed. It further acknowledges that your informant understands and agrees to having your project housed in the Center for Folklore Studies Archives. If for any reason your informant does not wish to have his/her interview housed in the Archives, please contact your instructor.
  • Table of Contents
    Lists in order items to be found in your project.
  • Collector Information/Biography
    This is a short (typically 2-5 pages) biography about you which will help researchers gain a clearer understanding of your own perspective regarding your collecting project.
  • Informant(s) Information
    This is general biographical background/information about your informant. You should tell your informant that you are providing this information as part of your collecting project, and perhaps let him/her read it before submitting it as part of your project.
  • Context of Interview/Observation
    These pages describe the physical/social/emotional environment in which your interview/observation was conducted. It includes information such as place, date, time of day, who was present, and generally describes what was going on while you were conducting your interview/observation and the contextual conditions of the interview/observation.
  • Transcription (if applicable)
  • Photographs/Images (if applicable)
    All photographs/images should be labeled and numbered individually; in addition, you should include a separate descriptive list of numbered images. Unprocessed film is not acceptable.
  • Descriptive list
    Please provide a descriptive list of all numbered tapes/disks (if applicable) that you submit with your project.
  • Analysis
    In these pages, use the data you have collected and the analytical approaches you have learned in class to develop a conversation about your research that frames and analyzes it within the context of the course topic.

Please use acid-free paper.
Please submit your projects in manila folders.
Do not forget to label all tapes, disks, or other materials you submit with your written project.