Midwest Folklorists & Cultural Workers Alliance



The Midwest Folklorists & Cultural Worker Alliance (MFCWA) is a network of individuals that share, collaborate on, and advocate for folklife and cultural work in the Midwest. MFCWA meets virtually once a month on the third Friday of the month for administrative and networking meetings. The goals and activities of the MFCWA are:

  1. Network folklorists and cultural workers located in the midwest, providing opportunities for capacity-building, relationship-building, and collaboration
  2. Connect to other networks and organizations
  3. Receive and share updates about important initiatives that impact folklife and cultural work in the midwest
  4. Share our past and current work
  5. Mentor students and new professionals in the region
  6. Manage a directory of midwestern folklorists and cultural workers
  7. Manage a bibliography of midwestern folklife and cultural materials
  8. Advertise and recruit to MFCWA

MFCWA Retreat

MFCWA also coordinates a biennial retreat aimed at fostering interdisciplinary, cross-state interactions and capacity-building. Some activities at recent MFCWA Retreat include:

  • neighborhood  and cultural tours
  • professional development workshops
  • opportunities to sample local foodways
  • planning sessions for the region led by skilled facilitators
  • the chance to network and spend time with each other face to face


2020-2021 Host & Steering Committee

Dr. Cristina Benedetti, Independent & Professional Affiliate, Center for Folklore Studies, Ohio State University
Taylor Dooley Burden, MA Student, Western Kentucky University
Micah Ling, PhD Student, Indiana University
Dr. Cassie Patterson, Associate Director, Center for Folklore Studies, Ohio State University (Host)
Rina Rossi, Program Officer, Minnesota State Arts Board


Watch the digital story from our 2014 retreat in Chicago, Illinois.



Join us!

To join our listserv, MidwestFolk, click here and fill out your information. You can also join our Facebook group. If you are interested in joining the MFCWA, email mfcwalliance@gmail.com. Email mfcwalliance@gmail.com if you would like to get access to the MFCWA GoogleDrive and to access our Community Agreement.