Picture for anagnostou.1

Georgios Anagnostou
Associate Professor
614 688-3721
  • Greek-American culture and society
  • Ethnography
  • Diaspora studies

Picture for batra-wells.1

Puja Batra-Wells
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate...
614 292-9936
  • Popular Culture and Folklore
  • Material and Visual Cultures
  • Museums and Tourism

Picture for behan.4

Lynda Behan
Faculty, OSU Marion
740 725-6284
  • Composition

Picture for bender.4

Mark Bender
Associate Professor
614 292-1746
  • Traditional performance and...
  • Han and ethnic minority cultures

Picture for benedetti.6

Cristina Benedetti
Ph.D. Student & CFS Graduate...
  • Festivals and Public Gatherings
  • Performance
  • Alternative Economies

Picture for borland.19

Katherine Borland
Director of the Center for Folklore...
614 247-0045
  • Politics of Culture
  • Latin American Folklore
  • Festival and Dance

Picture for cahill.129

Erin Cahill
  • Multimodal Composition
  • Semiotics
  • Narrative Theory

Picture for cashman.11

Lorraine Cashman
Associate Director, American Folklore...
614 292-4715
  • Narrative
  • Genre Theory
  • Folklore & Literature

Picture for cashman.10

Ray Cashman
Associate Professor
  • Folklore, performance studies,...
  • Social memory, commemoration, and...
  • Politics of culture and identity

Picture for christensen.167

Danille Christensen
Senior Lecturer, English
  • Cultural poetics and performance
  • Rhetorical uses of genre and...
  • Semiotics of identity

Picture for cleto.2

Sara Cleto
Ph.D. Student
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fantastic Literature
  • Nineteenth Century Literature

Picture for brutus.0

Jeffrey H. Cohen
Associate Professor
614 247-7872
  • Migration
  • Development
  • Nutrition

Picture for collins.232

Daniel E. Collins
Associate Professor
614 292-7791
  • Historical pragmatics
  • East and West Slavic linguistics
  • Old Church Slavonic; Old Russian (...

Picture for dunlap.202

Sarah Dunlap
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Ecocriticism
  • 20th Century Literature
  • Sexuality Studies

Picture for estiri.1

Ehsan Estiri
Graduate Student, NELC
  • Festival

Picture for farr.18

Marcia Farr, Ph.D.
Professor, emeritus
614 292-0095
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Literacy (bilingualism, biliteracy...

Picture for ferris.36

Lesley Ferris
Arts & Humanities Distinguished...
614 292-0829

Picture for fitzgerald.268

Katherine (Kati) Fitzgerald
PhD Student and University Fellow
  • Performance
  • Tibetal performing arts
  • Modern Tibetan studies

Picture for flores.154

Nicholas Flores
PhD Student

Picture for furlong.24

Alison Furlong
  • Historical Ethnomusicology
  • Film Studies
  • East Germany (GDR)

Picture for garcia.7

Salvador García Castañeda
614 292-9144
  • 18th- and 19th-century Spanish...

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
Professor, Department of Slavic and...
614 247-1790
  • Russian culture (with emphasis on...
  • Visual culture, especially art,...
  • Film adaptation

Picture for green.693

Richard Firth Green
Humanities Distinguished Professor of...
614 247-7088

Picture for hanson.94

Susan Hanson
Academic Program Coordinator, Lecturer
614 247-6539
  • Performance Studies
  • War
  • Veteran Studies

Picture for hopkin.7

Rachel Hopkin
Graduate Student, English

Picture for johnston.2

Sarah Iles Johnston
614 292-2058

Picture for jacobs.921

Tessa Jacobs
Graduate Student, English

Picture for jania.1

Alex Jania
M.A. Student
(512) 922-0179
  • Japanese Folklore
  • Environmental History
  • Folklore and Beliefs about Tsunami

Picture for johnson.5402

Christofer Johnson
MA/PhD, Department of English
1 (803) 646-9068
  • Ballads, Sea Shanties, and Songs...
  • The Intersection of Music and...
  • Storytelling

Picture for kalu.5

Anthonia Kalu
Professor, African-Amer & African...
614 688-5779

Picture for kaplan.103

Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor of Folklore and...
614 247-8061
  • Old Norse-Icelandic literature
  • Folklore
  • Nineteenth-century Norwegian...

Picture for karna.5

Bishal Karna
Graduate Administrative Associate,...
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Mysticism
  • Folktales

Picture for brutus.0

Nathalie Knöhr
Visiting Scholar
  • Narrative

Picture for lee.89

Valerie Lee
Vice Provost and Chief Diversity...
  • American Literature
  • African American Literature &...
  • Women's Literature &...

Picture for lloyd.100

Tim Lloyd
Director, American Folklore Society...
614 292-3375
  • American foodways
  • Occupational culture
  • History of public folklore

Picture for mills.186

Margaret Mills
Professor Emeritus
614 292-7136
  • Popular culture of the Persian and...
  • Afganistan

Picture for modan.1

Gabriella Modan
Associate Professor
614 292-0338
  • Sociolingusitics, discourse...
  • Ethnography
  • Place and Space Theory

Picture for moe.1

John Moe
614 292-1699

Picture for mullen.4

Patrick Mullen
Professor Emeritus
  • Folk belief
  • Legend
  • Folksong

Picture for nieto.12

Nicole Nieto
Ph.D. Student & Program Manager,...
614 688-8449

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
Professor in the Departments of...
614 292-8683
  • Folklore, performance, festivals
  • Heritage
  • Romance-speaking Mediterranean

Picture for park-miller.1

Chan E. Park
614 292-1908
  • Korean Language & Literature
  • Korean Traditional Oral Narrative
  • Asian and Western Drama and Theatre

Picture for patterson.493

Cassie Patterson
Assistant Director, Center for...
614 292-1639
  • Folklore Studies
  • Appalachian Studies
  • Commemoration and public display

Picture for brutus.0

Laura Pearce
Graduate Student

Picture for povedak.2

István Povedak
Visiting Scholar

Picture for povedak.1

Kinga Povedak
Visiting Scholar
  • Vernacular religion
  • Contemporary liturgical music

Picture for randhawa.20

Amanda Randhawa
Graduate Student, Comparative Studies
  • Hinduism
  • Sikhism
  • South Asian Ethnography &...

Picture for rezaeisahraei.1

Afsane Rezaei
Graduate Student, Comparative Studies
  • Folklore and new media
  • Narrative theory
  • Humor

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
614 292-6555
  • Narrative
  • Theory
  • Ethnic Identity

Picture for sims.78

Martha Sims
Senior Lecturer
614 688-8567
  • Composition (including Basic...
  • Folklore

Picture for stockwell.24

Madeilne Stockwell
Graduate Fellow, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Basque folklore
  • Cultural revival

Picture for stork.8

Sarah Jasmine Stork
MA Student and University Fellow
  • Fatness and body size diversity
  • Mixed race and intersectionality
  • Alternative sexualities and sexual...

Picture for toy.36

Caroline Toy
MA Student and University Fellow
  • Popular Culture
  • Religious Studies
  • Fan Studies

Picture for brutus.0

Zhiguo (Jack) Wang
Visiting Scholar
  • Mongolian oral epic

Picture for warman.17

Brittany Warman
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Fairy Tales and Supernatural...
  • Folklore and Literature
  • 19th Century Literature and the...

Picture for webb.45

Kathy Webb
Subject Librarian, Folklore
614 688-5861

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Associate Professor
614 292-9255
  • Near Eastern languages and cultures
  • Arab and Arab American folklore...

Picture for weiner.141

Isaac Weiner
Assistant Professor
  • Religion and law
  • Material and sensory cultures of...
  • Religion and sound

Picture for wyszomirski.1

Margaret Wyszomirski
614 292-5757
  • Cultural policies and the arts
  • Philanthropy and the arts
  • Public policy process

Picture for you.50

Ziying You
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for zhao.397

Yuanhao Zhao
Phd Student- Near Eastern Languages...
  • Muslim minorities in China (...
  • Identity Studies
  • Narratives and activities of...