Amelia Mathews-Pett

Amelia Mathews-Pett

Amelia Mathews-Pett

Graduate Student

Areas of Expertise

  • Folklore on Television
  • Digital Folklore
  • Narrative studies
  • Film studies


  • M.S. in American Studies, Folklore Emphasis, Utah State University, 2019
  • B.A. in Film Studies, University of Utah, 2009

Amelia Mathews-Pett is a PhD student in the Department of English with specializations in Folklore and Popular Culture. After earning a B.A. in Film Studies from the University of Utah, she earned her master’s degree at Utah State University, where she emphasized in Folklore and American Studies. During her time at USU, Amelia was an intern on The Digital Folklore Project headed by Dr. Jeannie Thomas and Dr. Lynne McNeill, and was a student participant in a field school hosted by Utah State University, The University of Wyoming, and the Library of Congress which conducted a study of dude ranching traditions in Grand Teton National Park. In 2018, she worked for the Utah State Folk Arts Program as an assistant artist coordinator for the Living Traditions folk arts festival. In 2019, she is serving as Student VP for the Western States Folklore Society. Her research interests in folklore are diverse, but she is currently focusing on folklore’s intersection with popular culture for her dissertation research. 

Recent Presentations:

“Our Own Little Epidemic: Emergent Folklore in the Face of Rabies,” Western States Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Provo UT, April 2019

“‘Full On Toy Story’: The Belief in Object Sentience in Western Culture,” American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Buffalo NY, October 2018

“Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X,” Jackson, WY, November 2017

“A Case for the Consideration of Sentience in Household Objects,” Folklore Society of Utah Annual Meeting, Ogden UT, November 2017

“Zompires, Uberzomps, and New-Breeds: How the Buffy Comics’ New Rules Reflect and Shape Folk Culture,” American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis MN, October 2017

Selected Publication:

“I Want it to go to a Good Home: Life in Relationship with Personal Possessions,” Performance Research: On Animism, 2019 (Forthcoming)