Undergraduate Folklore Curriculum

(This webpage is currently under review to reflect current course offerings across OSU. Thank you for your patience as we make necessary updates - January 2024.)

This page gives you a fuller list of available folklore courses. Course descriptions and some sample syllabi are available on the Courses page.

1. Introduction to Folklore. Required for all folklore concentrations.

  • English 2270/Comp Studies 2350 (H-version also available): Introduction to Folklore

2. Courses emphasizing ethnographic methods and writing. We strongly recommend that any folklore concentrators take one course from this list.

  • English 2367.05, 2367.05H Folklore and the American Experience
  • Comparative Studies / English 5189S Ohio Field School 
  • English 4571 Studies in the English Language: Discourse Analysis

3. Variable-topic folklore courses, repeatable for credit with permission.

  • English 4577 Studies in Folklore (topics vary)
  • English 4577.01 Folk Groups and Communities
  • English 4577.02 Folklore Genres: Form, Meaning and Use
  • English 4577.03 Issues and Methods in the Study of Folklore
  • Comp St 5957.01 Comparative Folklore
  • Comp St 5957.02 Folklore in Circulation

4. Other folklore courses

  • Slavic 2230 Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil
  • Persian 2301 Persian Mythology and Folklore
  • Scan 2350 Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture
  • Medieval and Renaissance 2666 Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • MdrnGrk 2680 Folklore of Contemporary Greece
  • Anthropology 3334 Zombies: The Anthropology of the Undead
  • Comparative Studies 4470 Folklore of the Americas
  • English 4597.01 The Disability Experience in the Contemporary World
  • English 4597.02 American Regional Cultures in Global Transition: Appalachia, Louisiana, and the Texas Border Country
  • Comparative Studies 4597.03 Global Folklore
  • International Studies 4800 Cultural Diplomacy
  • Chinese 5400 Performance Traditions of China
  • Japanese 5400 Performance Traditions of Japan
  • Korean 5400 Performance Traditions of Korea
  • Scan 5150 Old Norse
  • Russian 5194 Russian Folklore
  • Comparative Studies 5668/NELC 5568 Orality and Literacy

The list above consists of courses specifically dedicated to folklore, taught by instructors trained in the methods and theories of folklore studies. Several of them fulfill GEC requirements.

Other courses across the university, however, are relevant to a folklore concentration. Some variable-topic courses occasionally offer folklore topics (for the full list of folklore courses offered in a given quarter, see here). Other courses in related fields such as cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, performance studies, mythology, ethnic literatures, rural sociology, narrative theory, international studies, cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, and so on may help a student to develop a particular research interest.