Alison Furlong


Alison Furlong is a doctoral candidate in ethnomusicology. She also has a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Film Studies. Her MA thesis was titled "Georg Wildhagen's Figaros Hochzeit: How an Italian Opera Based on a French Play Became a German Socialist Film," and explored the adaptation of Mozart's famous opera both for the medium of film, and for the new context of the Soviet Zone of occupation.  Her doctoral research is an examination of the role of the Lutheran Church, both as a social space and as a space for music making in the last decades of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). During this period, churches were host to diverse musical and social groups, including devout churchgoers, socialists, liturgical musicians, reformers, environmentalists, blues-loving hippies, and even punks, making them vibrant spaces for cultural expression.

Areas of Expertise
  • Historical Ethnomusicology
  • Film Studies
  • East Germany (GDR)
  • Socialism and Post-socialism