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Amy Shuman receives Arts & Humanities Larger Grant for Cartelami


Amy Shuman PhotoCongratulations to Dr. Amy Shuman, who received a $20,000 Arts and Humanities Larger Grant for "Cartelami: New Discoveries from Northern Italy in the Allied Arts of Theater, Painting, and Architecture," a project on which she is the lead researcher.

The grant will support a conference on the phenomenon of Cartelami, paintings on cardboard that have been installed in churches for the Easter week passion plays in the northern Mediterranean, from Barcelona to Genoa, for centuries (since the invention of cardboard).  The project will be coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of OSU faculty including Amy Shuman and Dorry Noyes from folklore, Kay Bea Jones from architecture, Lisa Florman from art history, Beth Kattelman from theater and OSU Libraries, Sara Iles Johnston from religion, and Laura Lisbon from art.

In Autumn, 2016, graduate students can take an interdisciplinary course related to the project.  Folklorists will be particularly interested in the production of ephemeral art and in the vernacular religious performances.


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