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Director and Archivist for the Center for Folklore Studies; Visiting Assistant Professor, Comparative Studies
468 Hagerty Hall

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor of English (Folklore) and Latinx Studies
Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
398G Hagerty Hall
Professor, Department of Comparative Studies
434 Hagerty Hall
Professor, Department of English
519 Denney Hall
Professor in the Departments of English and Comparative Studies
105L Mershon Center

Associated Faculty

Professor, Classics
414 University Hall
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
234 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor, Dance
305 Sullivant Hall
Director, Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies; Professor, Music
N490 Timashev Building
Lecturer, Classics
342 University Hall
Associate Professor, Arts Administration, Education, and Policy
231 Sullivant Hall
Professor, Anthropology
4022 Smith Laboratory
Associate Professor, Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
413 Hagerty Hall
Professor, Teaching and Learning
244 Arps Hall
Lecturer, Sociology and Comparative Studies
238 Townshend Hall
Professor, Classics
414 University Hall
Associate Professor, Comparative Studies
473 Hagerty Hall
Professor, Geography
1164 Derby Hall
Director, Humanities Centers Consortium; Professor, Comparative Studies
442 Hagerty Hall
Professor, Comparative Studies
431 Hagerty Hall
Director, Center for the Study of Religion; Associate Professor, Comparative Studies
433 Hagerty Hall


Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese
266 Hagerty Hall
Senior Lecturer, Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures
Ohio Field School Instructor (SP 2024)
Lecturer, Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures

Professional Associates

Lecturer/ Assistant Professor at University College Dublin
Researcher at Kera Collective
Program Coordinator, Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme
421 Denney Hall
Folk & Traditional Arts Contractor, Ohio Arts Council; Staff Lead, Blind Eye Restoration, LLC
Associate Professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cincinnati
Head Tutor of Folklore & Mythology, Harvard
Assistant Professor of Music, Duke University
Temporary Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Utah State University
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Application Developer at The Ohio State University
Senior Producer, KGOU Public Radio
Senior Fellow & Director of GALACTIC, Center for the Study of the Middle East, Indiana University
1105 East Atwater
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Appalachian State University
Senior Advisor for Partnerships for the American Folklore Society
American Council of Learned Societies Emerging Voices Postdoctoral Fellow, Southern Futures Assistant Director, and Visiting Instructor of American Studies and Folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Humanities Consultant & Independent Folklorist
Program Coordinator, Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright-Hays Programs, The Ohio State University
Assistant Professor of English (Folklore), Utah State University
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Sociology and Political Science, Shanghai University
Independent Folklorist
Senior Academic Advisor and Staff Assistant, Arts and Sciences Honors Advising; The Ohio State University
3180 Smith Lab
Assistant Director, Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program, Smith College
Learning Experience Designer in the Center for Learning and Teaching, Champlain College
Advising Manager, University Exploration, The Ohio State University
Full-Time Instructor of Folk Studies, Western Kentucky University
Independent Folklorist


Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
421 Denney Hall
Professor Emeritus
204 Cunz Hall
Professor Emeritus
566 Denney Hall
Professor Emerita and Member, Emeritus Academy at OSU
314 Hagerty Hall


Graduate Research Associate & PhD Candidate in Comparative Studies
Graduate Research Associate & PhD Candidate in Comparative Studies
Communications and Marketing Specialist
456 Hagerty Hall


Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Graduate Associate & PhD Student
Ph.D. Candidate
Graduate Student Associate