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Faculty Publications


Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth

Waugh-Quasebarth, Jasper. Finding the Singing Spruce: Musical Instrument Makers and Appalachia’s Mountain Forests. West Virginia University Press, 2023. Print.

Core Faculty:

Mintzi Auanda Martínez-Rivera

Martínez-Rivera, Mintzi Auanda. Creating Culture, Performing Community: An Angahuan’s Wedding Story. Advance book contract with Indiana University Press. Submitted for review April 2023.

Martínez-Rivera, Mintzi Auanda, and Solimar Otero, editors. Theorizing Folklore from the Margins: Critical and Ethical Approaches. Indiana University Press. 2021.

Mark Bender

Bender, Mark. Plum and Bamboo: China's Suzhou Chantefable Tradition. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2003. Print.

Bender, Mark, and Huana Su. Daur Folktales: Selected Myths of the Daur Nationality. Beijing, China: New World Press, 1984. Print.

Bender, Mark. Seventh Sister and the Serpent: A Narrative Poem of the Yi People. Beijing, China: New World Press, 1982. Print.

Mair, Victor H, and Mark Bender. The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011. Print.

Jin, Dan, Xueliang Ma, and Mark Bender. Butterfly Mother: Miao (hmong) Creation Epics from Guizhou, China. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Pub. Co, 2006. Print.

Aku, Wuwu, and Mark Bender. Tiger Traces: Selected Nuosu and Chinese Poetry by Aku Wuwu. Columbus, Ohio: Foreign Language Publications, The Ohio State Univ, 2006. Print.

Wu, Yiwen, Jindan, Yifang Wu, Mark Bender, and Levi Gibbs. Hmong Oral Epics / Han Translation, Introduction. English Translation by Mark Bender, with Wu Yifang and Levi Gibbs. , 2012. Print.

Katherine Borland

Borland, Katherine. Unmasking Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Nicaraguan Festival. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2006. Print.

Adams, Abigail E., and Katherine Borland, editors. International Volunteer Tourism: Critical Reflections on Good Works in Central America. Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. Print.

Borland, Katherine. Creating Community: Hispanic Migration to Rural Delaware. Delaware: Delaware Heritage Press, 2001. Print.

Merrill Kaplan

Kaplan, Merrill. Thou Fearful Guest: Addressing the Past in Four Tales in Flateyjarbók. Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 2011. Print.

Gabriella Modan

Modan, Gabriella G. Turf Wars: Discourse, Diversity, and the Politics of Place. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2007. Print.

Dorothy Noyes

Noyes, Dorothy. Fire in the Placa: Catalan Festival Politics After Franco. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003. Print.

Noyes, Dorothy. Uses of Tradition: Arts of Italian Americans in Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Folklore Project, 1989. Print.