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Teaching Introduction to Folklore

Teaching ENGLISH 2270/COMPSTD 2350 - Introduction to Folklore

An important part of one’s formation as an academic folklorist is teaching content courses in the field.

Graduate students in English who would like to teach Introduction to Folklore (ENGLISH 2270/COMPSTD 2350) should request an ENGLISH 8903 shadowing experience with a Folklore Professor teaching the course as early as possible in their course of study. 8903 students attend the undergraduate class (approximately 3 hours per week) and meet with the professor for a teaching conversation of approximately one hour per week.

If the student is pursuing Folklore through a different department (Comparative Studies, NELC, DEALL, etc.), they may opt to audit the 8903 class. Successful completion of 8903 for credit or audit will qualify the student to join the Introduction to Folklore teaching queue. If a student arrives at OSU with an MA in Folklore from another university, they may request to waive the 8903 training requirement upon submission of evidence that they have successfully taught or assisted in the teaching of an undergraduate Introduction to Folklore class. Students may train to teach other undergraduate folklore classes in our curriculum in the same way at the discretion of the faculty instructor for those classes.