About the CFS Archives


The Folklore Archives is an integral part of the teaching and research activities of the Center for Folklore Studies at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Folklore Archives contain extensive collections of Ohio folksongs and music, local and Midwest folk narratives, oral history, folk customs, beliefs and practices, and documentation of material culture. The Folklore Archives contain contributions from students, faculty, and independent researchers spanning over 60 years. Graduate students are encouraged to discover its value through their work as archival assistants, and by conducting their own research with its materials.

Location & Directions

The OSU Folklore Archives is located on the east side of the Ohio Stadium, between gates 18-20, in Suite 218. To get to the stadium from Dulles Hall, walk west on 17th street (toward RPAC and the Stadium) and walk along the east side of the Stadium (the side facing you as you walk down 17th). Pass gate 20 and enter the next door on your left. You will see white lettering on the door that says Center for Folklore Studies Archives. Take the stairs up to the second floor. Our door is the first one on the right. If you need to use an elevator to get to the Archive, it is located to the left of the stairs after you pass the second door into the stadium. Sometimes the elevator hovers between floors; don't be alarmed, just wait a bit and it should open. If it gets stuck, there is a telephone inside that you can use to call maintenance.

Archive hours

Access to the Folklore Archives is currently limited due to Covid-19 and staffing transitions. Some items may take longer to process while others may be unavailable. To request access to the archives via appointment or to request materials, email cfs@osu.edu.

Archive News

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Donating to the Archives

The Center for Folklore Studies Archives will accept donations to the Archives of research and other collections after being accessed and approved by the Center's research committee. Book collections will be under particular scrutiny at this time because we lack sufficient space to maintain a large library. If you are considering making a book donation, please contact the OSU Libraries first to see of their interest.

If you are interested in making a materials donation to the Center for Folklore Studies Archives, please contact cfs@osu.edu or 614 292-1639.

All donations are subject to review and can be tax-deductible with a qualified appraiser. The Center does not provide nor pay for an appraiser's services.