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Ohio Valley Folk Publications

The Ohio Valley Folklore Research Project, "an adventure in folk journalism," collected folk narratives of place, foodways, and music throughout the Ohio River Valley, publishing wallpaper-bound copies through the Ross County Historical Society from the early 1950s through the 1960s. The booklets, stapled along the spine, have front and back covers made from wallpaper – probably cut from wallpaper sample books. The booklets were printed “on a little old Gordon press or a spirit duplicator.” While print runs may have been limited, the booklets were in fact “published,” and some of the booklets housed in the CFS archives are even “reprints.”

The development of the online gallery for this collection is on-going. CFS appreciates your patience.

About the Collection

Collection Date: 1956-1963

Compiled by David V. Webb and The Ross County Historical Society of Chillicothe, Ohio



Collection ID: OVFP (Ohio Valley Folk Publications)

Language: English

Physical Description: Four boxes

Repository/Location: Hagerty 472, Center for Folklore Studies, The Ohio State University


Publications of the Ohio Valley Folklore Research Project carried out by the Ross County Historical Society in Chillicothe, Ohio, in the 1950s and early 1960s. The items originally were printed by mimeograph and assembled using wallpaper (taken from sample books) as covers and stapling the pages on the spine. In this collection, there are approximately 200 booklets.

Displayed are four items from the collection. The first is a brochure on the Ross County Historical Society. The second is a ripped portion of a postal address for correspondence between Dave Webb and Fran Utley. The third is a membership card for the Ross County Historical Society. The fourth is a note from Dave to Fran about an accessibility request.
NOTE TO OUR READERS  When and if you notice any errors in spelling etc. when reading our folklore publications do not blame the folks who author our stories. But blame us, your editors, who with only a few hours spare time a week and with limited funds available simply do the best they can. Then, after all we’re just plain folks like yourselves.  The Editors  Ohio Valley Folklore Research Project