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Georgios Anagnostou

Georgios Anagnostou

Georgios Anagnostou

Professor, Classics


614 688-3721

414 University Hall
230 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Greek-American culture and society
  • Ethnography
  • Diaspora studies


  • Ph.D., Ohio State, 1999
  • M.A., Louisiana State, 1992
  • M.S., Louisiana State, 1989
  • B.S., Thessaloniki, 1984


Διασπορικές διαδρομές. Αθήνα: Απόπειρα. 2012. [Diasporic Routes. Athens: Apopeira]. (Poems and reflections on migration and diaspora, in Greek; some bilingual)

Contours of White Ethnicity: Popular Ethnography and the Making of Usable Pasts in Greek America (Ohio University Press, 2009)

Book Chapter:

"Against Cultural Loss: Immigration, Life History, and the Enduring 'Vernacular.'" In Hellenisms: Culture, Identity, and Ethnicity from Antiquity to Modernity, edited by Katerina Zacharia, 355-77. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2008.

Recent Articles:

"When 'Second Generation' Narratives and Hollywood Meet: Making Ethnicity in My Big Fat Greek Wedding." MELUS (forthcoming)

"Empowering 'Greek American Studies'" (Position paper). http://immigrations-ethnicities-racial.blogspot.com/2013/12/empowering-greek-american-studies.html. December 11, 2013.

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"A Critique of Symbolic Ethnicity: The Ideology of Choice?" Ethnicities, Vol. 9(1): 94-122. 2009.

"Research Frontiers, Academic Margins: Helen Papanikolas and the Authority to Represent the Immigrant Past." Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vol. 34 (1&2): 9-29. 2008.

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