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Folklore Listservs

OSU Center for Folklore Studies

To learn more about Center for Folklore Studies activities, subscribe to our listserv, Folkserv. To join fill out the form with your information, and select "subscribe." If you are a student and interested in being a part of the Folklore Student Association or learning about student activities, subscribe to Studentfolk.

AFS Folk Belief and Folk Religion List

The AFS Folk Belief and Folk Religion Section Listserv is a closed list, which means that new subscriptions must be approved. Anyone who is a current (dues-paying) member of the Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section of the AFS may join. To request a subscription to the list, send the following message to majordomo@indiana.edu:
Subscribe pimple_afsbelief
If any problems are encountered, please send an email to Kenneth Pimple.

AFS Graduate Student Listserv

The Graduate Student Section is intended to serve the interests of its members, graduate student members of the American Folklore Society. The Section brings together students from major universities to exchange ideas, create a community of young folklorists, and to act as a unified voice for the future professionals within AFS. The Graduate Student Section supports an electronic list-serve which is hosted by Ohio State University. To sign up for this list, send a message to: listserver@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
Leave the subject blank. In the body of the message write (substituting your name, of course): subscribe afsgradstu Firstname Lastname

AFS Public Programs Listserv

Subscribe to the AFS Public Programs list via the Publore website. Simply fill out the form with your preferences and submit.

AFS Women's Section Listserv

The Women's Section was convened more than 25 years ago as folklorists (primarily women) felt the need to meet other feminists, and address the lack of serious study of women's issues in the field of folklore. Thanks to the work of these first section members, and those that have followed, feminist contributions to folklore study are no longer rare nor overlooked. With more than 200 section members, the Women's Section is a substantial force in the American Folklore Society.

The Women's Section maintains an e-mail listserv, where ideas and comments are regularly exchanged. To add your name to the list, please contact Elizabeth Adams.

Folklore Listserv (General Folklore Discussion)

To subscribe to Folklore, send a message to: listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu with the message: Subscribe folklore yourfirstname yourlastname

SEM-L (The Society for Ethnomusicology List)

SEM-L is intended for the timely circulation of news among SEM members and others interested in ethnomusicology and discussion of issues related to ethnomusicology in general and the work of the Society in particular.

To subscribe, address an e-mail message to: listserv@listserv.indiana.edu
Leave the subject line blank. Put SUBSCRIBE SEM-L yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message. Allow a day or two for your subscription to be approved. You will then receive a welcome message that explains the list policies.

NewFolk (New Directions In Folklore List)

Newfolk is a listserv of "New Directions In Folklore." To join the Newfolk email list, visit Newfolk subscription site. Simply fill out the form with your preferences and submit.

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association

The PCA/ACA moderated discussion list enables historians, folklorists, and other cultural studies scholars to discuss with colleagues their research interests, teaching methods and views on the state of American and popular culture. To subscribe to H-PCAACA, send a message to: listserv@h-net.msu.edu with no subject and the following text: SUBSCRIBE H-PCAACA firstname lastname affiliation. You will receive a message from the editor asking for some information. After you respond to the editor, s/he will add you to the H-PCAACA subscription list.


Publore, a listserv originally established for public folklorists, is an excellent resource for connecting to folklorists from across the U.S. who are working in a variety of professional settings. Go to this site to subscribe to the list.


H-Folk supports international conversation on research, teaching, policy, and historiography in the fields of folklore and ethnology. It also provides information on major conferences, calls for papers, announcements of fellowship and research opportunities, and links to organization websites.


The Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy hosts the FOLKTALES mailing list. This list is used to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of folktales, fairy tales and fantasy literature. Contributions may include research enquiries as well information about relevant publications and events.

Folklore & Creative Writing Section of AFS

To join the Folklore & Creative Writing Section of AFS, email Margaret Yocom at myocom@gmu.edu.