Columbus-Copapayo Sister City Project Finding Aide


Summary Information:

Creator: OSU Center for Folklore Studies Archives
Extent: Digital Collection (Physical collection is approximately 10 standard boxes and one oversize)
Abstract: Documents relating to activism in Columbus, OH in the 1980s and 1990s. These include personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, flyers, letters, legal correspondence, and material objects used in fundraising.
Language: The material is in English and Spanish

Access and Use:

Acquisition Information: These documents came to the CFS archives in 2014, deposited at various times by Mark Stansbery, Ruth Jost, Martha McFerran. Future additions are expected.

Access Restrictions: The record group is open to research. Selected items are restricted to facility-only access.
Copyright: Copyright remains with the original holders – Mark Stansbery, Ruth Jost, and Martha McFerran
Cite as:  Box, Title, Columbus Sister City Project records, OSU Center for Folklore Studies, Folklore Archives.

Background Information:

History: The Columbus Sister City Project began in 1986, truly coming into its own in 1987 after successfully lobbying the Columbus City Council to establish a formal Sister City relationship with the El Salvadoran village of Copapayo. The organization was highly active between 1986 and 1992, working to raise awareness of the conflict in El Salvador, end US involvement in Central America, raise funds and collect donations to aid in the rebuilding of Copapayo, and to provide material aid and outside protection to the villagers of Copapayo. This organization worked closely with other activist organizations in Columbus in the 1980s and 1990s, coordinating to further shared and related goals.

This collection is largely the work of Mark Stansbery, a Columbus activist associated with several of the movements promoting peace and raising awareness of the conflicts in Central America. A large portion of this collection is devoted to his notes and personal correspondence, which helps to illuminate the connections between the various activist organizations in Columbus and their respective roles.

Extensive sections are also devoted to documents provided by Martha McFerran and Ruth Jost, activists most closely associated with the Sanctuary Movement, but who were also linked to the Columbus Sister City Project. The documents provided by Martha McFerran largely take the form of children’s drawings and letters from Copapayo and help to illustrate the effects of war on the young people who experienced it first-hand. Ruth Jost’s documents are chiefly legal and nature and chronicle the stories of Pilar, Arnaldo, and Veronica Canales as they attempted to gain asylum in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Also of note are transcripts of Ruth’s promotional talks about Sanctuary and documents relating to the founding of Sanctuary in Columbus in 1985-1986.

Scope and Content and Arrangement:

Scope and Content: This collection contains documents relating to the Columbus Sister City Project, the Solidarity Movement, the El Salvadoran Civil War, the plight of Asylum Seekers in the United States in the 1980s/1990s, and activism in Columbus, OH in the 1980s. These take the form of photographs, newsletters, flyers, personal correspondence, and other materials relating to one or all of the above topics. These documents give an overview of activist activities in Columbus, OH in the 1980s and 1990s as they pertain to the conflict in El Salvador and US entanglement in Central America.

Box 1 contains documents collected by Ann Chambers, a solidarity activist and a supporter of the Columbus-Copapayo Sister City Project. These documents primarily take the form of newspaper reports on the El Salvadoran Civil War and human rights violations within the country.

Box 2 contains documents related to the Central America Network (CAN), including newsletters, brochures, correspondence surrounding Central America Week, and documents relating to Central America Week. CAN is notable primarily for Central America Week, an event designed to raise awareness on issues pertaining to Central America and for giving Columbus activists working with the Sister City Project a platform to speak and a forum to discuss their work in Copapayo.

Box 3 contains documents pertaining to CISPES and its work in Ohio. CISPES was the national organization which handled any donations collected by state and local chapters, assuring the safe arrival of these funds at their intended destinations. CISPES worked closely with the Columbus Sister City Project to help organize the transportation of money, goods, and other donations to Copapayo. Documents of note in this box are a handwritten letter to Mark Stansbery and the CISPES agenda for Ohio organizations.

Box 4 contains various El Salvador delegation reports. Currently this means the Ron Meyer report to the Columbus Sister City Project for the 1989 delegation to Copapayo and the 1991 Archdiocese of Detroit report on the delegation sent to San Salvador, though there are many more which have yet to be digitized. These delegations served several purposes, chief among them bringing much-needed goods (school supplies, medicines, farming equipment) to villages in El Salvador.

Box 5 is devoted to the El Salvador Watch Newsletter in its print and digital forms. This newsletter  was national in scope and intended to provide activists across the  United States with up-to-date information on the developing situation in El Salvador and to help facilitate organizing on a national level.

Box 6 contains records and documents relating to Greater Columbus Community Shares (GCCS). GCCS modeled itself on the larger United Way foundation and operated as a central body raising and managing funds for several community charitable organizations. By pooling their resources and distributing funds according to the amount of work put in by individual organizations, smaller organizations were able to magnify their impact and to have a larger presence in the community.

Box 7 contains photographs related to material culture. The items depicted were gathered together in the original Stansbery Collection and represent chiefly the fundraising and awareness-raising efforts of the Columbus activists and the Columbus Sister City Project.

Box 8 contains documents collected by John Florian, a solidarity activist and prominent figure in the Columbus-Copapayo Sister City Project. This box contains newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the Sister City Project.

Box 9 is comprised of photographs taken by John Florian on visits to El Salvador in 1989 and 1990.

Box 10 contains several photographs from Mark Stansbery’s trip to Copapayo in 1989-1990. The photographs are undated and without outside context, however we can know with certainty that they were developed on 22 December 1990.

Box 11 is chiefly concerned with Mark Stansbery’s various notes, private correspondence, and materials related to the Ohio and US Sister City Conferences.

Box 12 contains documents provided by Martha McFerran, another Columbus activist. McFerran worked most closely with Sanctuary and was only involved tangentially with the Columbus Sister City Project. In 1992 and 1994 she led two Middle School trips to Copapayo, allowing her students to learn about El Salvador first-hand, practice their foreign language skills, and giving them the opportunity to travel internationally. This box is largely devoted to the drawings of and letters from the children of Copapayo. (Note: some of the depictions of the civil war in the children’s drawings are graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers)

Box 13 contains documents related to Neighbor to Neighbor, an organization which worked closely with the Columbus Sister City Project to organize boycotts of El Salvadoran coffee.

Box 14 contains copies of Our Sister, a newsletter providing updates on Copapayo to the Columbus organizers, from 1992 through 1996. This newsletter was founded after the signing of the Peace Accords and was created with the intent of maintaining the close sister city relationship should conflict once again break out.

Box 15 contains documents related to the work of Pastors for Peace in Columbus and the greater Midwestern US. Pastors for Peace was a loose, ecumenical coalition of churches and church leaders interested in ending the conflicts in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and in providing relief for war refugees. This is the organization mainly responsible for organizing delegations to cities in El Salvador, including to Copapayo. The Columbus Sister City Project coordinated closely with Pastors for Peace and CISPES to transport goods and funds to Copapayo via caravan. The documents present here mostly take the form of meeting minutes and paint a picture of the planning process for the organization in Columbus.

Box 16 contains newsletters, applications, and promotional materials related to Peace Brigades. Peace Brigades were groups of activists trained and organized to travel to dangerous areas and to act as a deterrent to military aggression. The hope was that the presence of American aid workers and tourists in an area would reduce its viability as a military target and thus spare its inhabitants.

Box 17 is devoted to the collected documents of Ruth Jost, a Columbus attorney and activist primarily associated with the Sanctuary campaign.

Box 18 contains documents related to Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research and Education Foundation (SHARE). Among other roles, SHARE collaborated with the US-El Salvador Sister Cities Network to identify areas of need and to better coordinated relief, aid, and humanitarian efforts in the region. Most of the documents in this box are concerned with instructions for managing affiliated project finances and guidelines for SHARE grants.

Box 19 contains financial documents relating to the Columbus-Copapayo Sister City Project. The take the form of project account statements; regular check registers; annual budget, income, and expense reports; records of donations; copies of donation checks; and a record of receipts and invoices related to project operations.

Box 20 is devoted to the Columbus Sister City Project and other Solidarity work closely associated with the Sister City Project. These take the form of documents providing information for establishing a Sister City relationship, the purpose behind the Sister City Movement on a national scale, documents pertaining to the US National Sister City Conference, newspaper clippings related to the Columbus Sister City Project, Sister City Project meeting minutes/agendas, and informational/promotional materials. Some documents of note contained here are the 1987 Columbus City Council Resolution establishing a Sister City relationship with Copapayo, a letter of support from Sen. Metzenbaum, a letter from Governor Celeste to the people of Copapayo, and a Columbus Mayoral Resolution in support of the Columbus Sister City Project. Also contained here are the program for the Living Faith Awards Breakfast (where Mark Stansbery and the Columbus Sister City Project were recognized), information on rebuilding communities and promoting self-development in El Salvador, reports on the activities of the Columbus Sister City Project, and other related documents. (Note: The documents contained in this box are the most diverse in the collection.)

Box 21 contains correspondence by Suzanne Patzer, a solidarity activist and prominent member of the Columbus-Copapyo Sister City Project. The documents in this box are fairly diverse and touch on several aspects of the Sister City Project and solidarity activism.

Box 22 contains audio files and interview tape logs for interviews conducted during the course of Katherine Borland's Introduction to Fieldwork in Folklore course. Activists interviewed include Mark Stansbery, Tim Wagner, Ron Meyers, Martha McFerran, John Florian, Beth Stock, Ruth Jost, Suzanne Patzer and Duane Jager.

Subject Terms:


  • Sister City Project – Columbus
  • Sister City Project – Copapayo
  • El Salvador
  • El Salvador – Copapayo
  • El Salvador – Delegation
  • Solidarity – Columbus
  • Asylum Seekers – Columbus
  • Activism – Columbus
  • Activism – El Salvador
  • Pastors for Peace – Columbus


Ann Chambers Documents (1988-1990)

  1. Newspaper Clippings, The New York Times
  2. Newspaper Clippings, National Catholic Reporter
  3. Newspaper Clippings, The Christian CENTURY
  4. Newspaper Clippings, Misc.
  5. Telex Campaign, Letter Requesting Support
  6. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  7. Testimony on Top of the Hill – Copapayo Survivor Testimony – Handwritten, Undated
  8. Statement on Solidarity with El Salvador signed by Organizations around the Nation, 1988
  9. Testimony of Reina Isabel, 1989
  10. Report on Jack Mills’ Visit to Guancorita, 1989
  11. Translation of Letter from Copapayo Directiva to Columbus City Council – Letter, 1989
  12. Child’s Drawing, Undated
  13. Report Summary of Human Rights Violations in Copapayo, 1990
  14. Report from Guarjila Second Summit Meeting, 1990
  15. Sheet on Human Rights Work by Ann Chambers, Undated
  16. Brief Report on the History of Copapayo


Central America Network - CAN (1989-1996)

  1. CAN Handbook, 1990
  2. Central America Week Documents, March 1990
  3. CAN Statement of Account, 1990-1991
  4. Central America Week Flyers, 1990-1991
  5. CAN Flyers, 1991
  6. CAN Letter to President Alfredo Cristiani - Letter, 1991
  7. Cleveland Central American Solidarity Committee Delegation Application, 1991
  8. CAN Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes, 1989-1992
  9. Notice of End to Regular CAN Meetings, 1992
  10. CAN Newsletter, 1989-1996
  11. CAN Roundtable


Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador - CISPES (1990-1997)

  1. Letter to CISPES Committees, 1990
  2. Human Rights Fund – Solicitation, 1990
  3. CISPES Sample Activism Letter – Letter, 1991
  4. CISPES Strategy and Program, 1991-1993
  5. CISPES Should Join Fight Against NAFTA – Opinion by Paul Matulis, 1993
  6. Glossary of Proposals and Amendments, 1993
  7. Maria Isabela Morales biography, 1993
  8. Organizational Development and Bylaws, 1993
  9. Papers and Amendments, 1993
  10. Statement of Need in Copapayo, 1993
  11. CISPES Newsletter, 1993-1997
  12. Letter to Mark Stansbery, w/phone numbers, 1995
  13. Raising Money for Real Change – Flyer, 1997
  14. CISPES Education Fund Letter to Scott Littler
  15. 15 Years of Solidarity – Flyer, Undated


Delegation Reports

  1. Ron Meyer-Columbus Delegation Report, 1989
  2. Delegate Information, 1989
  3. Report on the Status of Women and children’s Health – DRAFT, 1989
  4. Security Guidelines for Delegations, 1990
  5. Report on Delegation Finances, 1990 (February-October)
  6. List of Required Documents and Waiver of Liability, 1990
  7. Copapayo Delegation Report, 1990
  8. Copapayo Humanitarian Aid Delivery Report, 1990
  9. Pastors for Peace Caravan Report, 1990
  10. Delegation Press Release, 1990
  11. Upcoming Events Schedule, 1990
  12. Delegation Defies Military and Continues to Copapayo Without Incident – Press Release, 1990
  13. Delegation Report, 1990 (December)
  14. Blank El Salvador Visa Application
  15. Instructions on How to Plan and coordinate a Delegation, Undated
  16. List of Reference Materials
  17. Travel Information for El Salvador
  18. Waiver of Liability – Blank
  19. Archdiocese of Detroit Report, 1991
  20. Sister City National Report on Visit to El Salvador, 1992
  21. Sister City National Delegation Report, 1995
  22. SHARE Copapayo Delegation Report, 1995
  23. Preparation Notes, Undated


El Salvador Watch (newsletter)

  1. El Salvador Watch, 1993-1999


Greater Columbus Community Shares

  1. Combined Campaign Operations Manual, 1989
  2. Sister City Project membership Application, 1992
  3. GCCS 501c3 Application for Exemption, 1992
  4. GCCS Agendas and Meeting Minutes, 1993-1996
  5. Membership Requirements, 1993
  6. Fax Topsheet form the EPA, 1993
  7. Franklin County Fundraising – Outline, 1993
  8. Newspaper Clipping, Columbus Dispatch, 1993
  9. Income Tax Returns, 1993-1994
  10. Public Relations Report, 1993
  11. GCCS Handbook, 1994
  12. Combined Federal Acknowledgements for Unaffiliated Agencies, 1994
  13. Fund Raising and Development Options, 1994
  14. Preparation of 1994 IRS Form 990, 1994
  15. GCCS Work Plan, 1994
  16. GCCS List of Board Members, 1995
  17. GCCS Executive Committee, 1995
  18. GCCS proposed budged, 1995
  19. Proposed Agreement with Dan Walsh, 1995
  20. Income Statement, 1995
  21. GCCS Workplace Friends Campaign, 1995
  22. Income and Balance Statement, 1996
  23. GCCS Board Meeting Yearly Schedule, 1996
  24. GCCS Board Meeting Report, 1996
  25. GCCS Membership Committee Report and Notes, 1996
  26. Cash Flow Statement, 1996
  27. Campaign Training – Program Outline, 1996
  28. Sister City First and Second Quarter Dues, 1996
  29. First Quarter Distributions, 1997
  30. GCCS Officers List, 1997
  31. GCCS letter to OSU President Gee, Undated
  32. GCCS Affiliated membership Requirements, Undated
  33. Alternative Fund Campaign Speech, Undated
  34. GCCS Code of Regulations, Undated
  35. Combined Efforts with United Way, Undated
  36. Common Workplace Questions Asked by Volunteers, Undated
  37. Decision Making Process, Undated
  38. Criteria for Affiliates, Undated
  39. Financial Management Policies, Undated
  40. Executive director Interview Questions, Undated
  41. Guidelines for Informational Hearing, Undated
  42. Introduction to Workplace Donations, Undated
  43. GCCS List of Member Groups, Undated
  44. GCCS Work Contribution Sheet – Blank
  45. GCCS Guide to Workplace Fundraising
  46. GCCS proposed Campaign Materials, Undated
  47. GCCS Personnel Policies, Undated


Item Photographs

  1. Buttons, various
  2. Posters, Copapayo
  3. Posters, Sister City
  4. Banner, Copapayo
  5. Banner, Blue Nachos – Latin American Benefit
  6. Banner, Pastors for Peace
  7. Tee Shirt, Copapayo
  8. Tee Shirt, EZLN
  9. Handkerchief, FMLN
  10. Hat, FMLN
  11. Tapestries, Copapayo
  12. Tee Shirt, MRTA
  13. Misc. Fundraising Goods, Copapayo


John Florian Documents

  1. Copapayo Attacked Flyer and Press Release, November 27 (no year given)
  2. “Thank You” Letter for Delegation Support – Letter, 1989
  3. Newspaper Clippings, The Columbus Dispatch, 1989-1990
  4. John Florian – Journal Entry on Copapayo Trip - Handwritten, Undated
  5. Fifty-nine Talking Points on Columbus-Copapayo Sister city Project, Undated
  6. Draft of city Council Resolution, Undated
  7. Reflections at Arch Bishop Romero’s Tomb, Undated


John Florian Photographs (1989-1990)

  1. Misc. Photographs – El Salvador Trips, 1989-1990

Box 10

Mark Stansberry – Photographs  (1990)

  1. Mark Stansbery Photographs – Copapayo, 1990

BOX 11

Mark Stansbery – Correspondence (1988-1993)

  1. Notes, various
  2. Notes – Sister City Confernce, November 1989
  3. Correspondence – Bill Barndt, 1989-1990
  4. Letter from Copapayo, 1993

BOX 12

Martha McFerran – Documents (1992)

  1. Children’s Drawings – Copapayo, various
  2. Letters – Copapayo, August 1990
  3. Letters – Copapayo, 1992
  4. Starling Middle School Newsletter, 1992

BOX 13

Neighbor to Neighbor 

  1. Letter – Ellie Cohen, 1989
  2. Flyer – Coffee Boycott, 1990
  3. Flyer – Coffee Boycott, 1991
  4. Appeal to Supporters, undated

BOX 14

Our Sister Newsletter (1992-1996)

  1. “First Delegation since Cease-fire,” April 1992
  2. Misc. Newsletters, 1992-1996

BOX 15

Pastors for Peace (1989-2000)

  1. Meeting Agendas and Minutes Minutes, 1989-2000
  2. Caravan Materials, 1989-1991
  3. Caravan to Copapayo Media Advisory, 1990
  4. Briefing Paper for Bob and Mark, 1990
  5. Letter to Event coordinator, 1990
  6. Delegation Send-off Party – Flyer, 1990
  7. Join PFP Caravan – Flyer, 1992
  8. Ohio Council of Chruches Letter – Letter, 1992
  9. Caravan Driver Information Sheet, 1992
  10. Caravan to Nicaragua, 1992
  11. Letter to Caravan, 1992
  12. Report on Material Aid Caravan to El Salvador, 1992
  13. Delegation Flyer – Flyer, 1995
  14. Bill Lewis Delegation Report Flyer – Flyer, 1996
  15. Helms-Burton Act Pamphlet, 1996
  16. Letter from Bill Lewis, 1997
  17. Letter to Caravanistas, 1997
  18. Friendshipment Caravan Passing Through Columbus, 1997
  19. Friendshipment Arrives in Cuba, 1997
  20. Proposed budget, 1999
  21. Twentieth Anniversary of Romero Assassination – Flyer, 2000
  22. Letter to Supporters, 2000
  23. Misc. Flyers, undated
  24. Delegation Evaluation Questionaire, Undated
  25. Caravan Driver Application, Undated
  26. Prayer and Song, Undated

BOX 16

Peace Brigades

  1. Peace Brigade Candidate Appraisal Form – Blank, Undated
  2. Peace Brigade Application – Blank, Undated
  3. Newspaper Clippings, 1988-1989
  4. Peace Brigade Pamphlet, Undated
  5. Appeal to Supporters, Undated

BOX 17

[Restricted Documents] Ruth Jost Documents (1985-1992)

Box 17a – Documents Restricted to On-Site Access Only

Box 17b – Ruth Jost Documents

BOX 18

Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research, and Education Foundation (SHARE)

  1. Financial Guidelines
  2. Project Grants Guidelines
  3. Financial and Grant Policies
  4. SHARE Sistering project Outline, 1994
  5. Report on Land Transfer Program, 1996
  6. Letter to Kate Lowrenza, 1996
  7. SHARE Newsletter, 1994
  8. American Religious Response to El Salvador Repopulation
  9. Report on the Ecological Crisis in El Salvador

BOX 19

Sister City Financial Records

Box 19a – Account Statements and Check Registers

  1. Check Registers, 1989
  2. Balance Sheets, 1988-1993
  3. Account Statements, 1988-1999
  4. Bank Reconciliation Stubs, 1990-1992

Box 19b – Budget, Income, and Expenses

  1. Sister City Project Inventory – Sold and New
  2. Craft Sale – Sign
  3. Short North Tavern Benefit – Notes
  4. ComFest – Notes and Expenses
  5. ComFest – Order Form, Friday
  6. ComFest – Order Form, Saturday
  7. ComFest – Food Order Form
  8. ComFest – Expense Calculations
  9. ComFest – Payout
  10. Comfest – Revenue and Expenditures, 1991
  11. GCCS – Work Contribution Record
  12. Tax Return Form 990, 1994
  13. Food Booth Income Statement, 1993
  14. Sister City Expenses, 1988-1989
  15. Sister City Year-End Cash Disbursements, 1991
  16. Sister City Cash Disbursements, 1991
  17. Sister city General Fund, 1991
  18. Sister City Delegation Trip Budget, 1991
  19. Sister City Delegation Fund, 1992
  20. Sister City Financial Report, 1993
  21. Sister City Estimated Yearly Expenses and Incomes, 1994
  22. Sister City Income Statement, 1995
  23. Budged for Copapayo Farming supplies, 1990
  24. Shoe Project Expenses and Disbursement, 1988
  25. Budget Report, 1988-1989
  26. Accounts Payable, 1988

Box 19c – Check Requests

  1. Sister City Check Requests, 1989-1993 (and Undated)

Box 19d – Donations and Donation Checks

  1. Sister City Donation Check Photocopies, 1988-1990
  2. Sister City Donation Check Deposits, 1988-1989
  3. Phone Pledge Lists, 1989
  4. Sister City State-wide Campaign Donations, 1995
  5. Sister City Payments to NEST, 1992
  6. Sister City Payments to SHARE, 1993

Box 19e – Receipts and Invoices

  1. Sister City Project Invoices, 1988-1996
  2. Sister City Cash Receipts, 1989
  3. Ohio Bell Phone Bill and Call Records, 1990-1992

BOX 20

Sister City/Solidarity (1980-1997)

Box 20a – Sister City 1980-1989

  1. “El Salvador (The Savior)” – Poem, 1981
  2. The Copapayo Massacre, 1983
  3. Pledge to Resist War, 1986
  4. Ministries Toward Love and Justice Application guidelines, 1985
  5. Theological Reflections on Accompaniment, 1988
  6. Amnesty International Report on El Salvador Death Squads, 1988
  7. Copapayo Delegation Accounting, 1988
  8. Madison-Arcatao Sister city Information, 1988
  9. Early Organizing Notes, 1988
  10. Sister City Agendas and Meeting Minutes, 1988-1989
  11. Ron Meyers – Journal Entry from Copapayo, 1989
  12. Americas Watch Petition to the US Trade Representative on Labor Rights, 1989
  13. Rio Grande Defense Committee, 1989
  14. Emergency Medical Aid Appeal, 1989
  15. Sister City Fundraising Committee documents, 1989
  16. Not a Dime for Death Squad Government Campaign – Flyer, 1989
  17. Sister City Pledge Form – John Steva, 1989
  18. Mark Stansberry – Sister City Conference Materials, 1989
  19. Reports on Attacks Against Salvadoran Labor Unions, 1989
  20. Report on Attacks against Churches in El Salvador, 1989
  21. Child care Center for Copapayo – Report, 1989
  22. Women’s and Children’s Health Network Goals – Report, 1989
  23. NEST Background on the Situation in El Salvador, 1989
  24. NEST Grants to CORDES, 1989
  25. NEST Tour by Jose Tobar Schedule, 1989

Box 20b – Sister City 1990

  1. National Sister Cities Income Statement
  2. Interview with Jesus Rojas of the FMLN
  3. FMLN Political proposal
  4. FMLN Report on Negotiations
  5. Madison-Arctao Sister City Goals
  6. List of Humanitarian Aid Items for Copapayo
  7. List of Medications for Copapayo
  8. Questions about Delegation
  9. Request for Emergency Food Baskets
  10. Proposal to Establish a Sister City Faith Relationship Between Columbus St. Thomas Moore Newman Center and Copapayo
  11. Cambridge-El Salvador Sister city Telethon – Schedule and Goals
  12. National Sister City Conference Proposed Agenda
  13. Sister City National Summit Documents and Notes
  14. Archbishop Romero Commemoration – Flyer
  15. Vigil for Peace – Flyer
  16. Caravan Planning Committee Agenda and Minutes
  17. Caravan Planning Committee Letter from Leslie Stansberry – Letter
  18. Caravan Committee Treasurer Report, (October-November)
  19. Caravan Press Release
  20. Proposal for Copapayo Delegation Timeline
  21. Caravan Schedule
  22. Copapayo Caravan Flyer – Flyer
  23. Schedule for Delegation and Notes
  24. Notice to Copapayo Directiva
  25. Misc. Flyers

Box 20c – Sister City 1991

  1. Contact Information for National Sister City Organizations
  2. Sister City Mailing List
  3. Sister City Delegation Participant Address List
  4. Sister City – List of Responsibilities for Committees
  5. Third Annual Summit Delegation Rationale
  6. Chronology of El Salvador Negotiations
  7. Summary of El Salvador Provisions in HR 5114
  8. Summary of HR 5114
  9. Central America Week Volunteer List
  10. Election Day press Release
  11. Central America Weeks – Flyer
  12. Central America Weeks – Pamphlet
  13. Record of Pledge for National Agenda for Peace in El Salvador
  14. Help Rebuild Copapayo School Library – Appeal
  15. Death Threats Against Mirtala Lopez – Copapayo Update

Box 20d – Sister City 1992

  1. Cards from Copapayo
  2. Delegation Brings Peace to El Salvador – Note from Tim Wagner
  3. National Caravan to El Salvador Announced – Update
  4. Synopsis of the Peace Accords
  5. El Salvador Peace Agreements
  6. Meeting Agenda and Materials
  7. List of Copapayo Community Needs
  8. Speech by Shafik Handal
  9. NEST Foundation Report
  10. Opportunity to Participate in PFP Caravan
  11. Third National Conference Report
  12. Sister City Year-End Report to the Board
  13. Draft Statement to CCASC on Ceasefire
  14. Statement of Commitment – English and Spanish
  15. Delegation Fundraising – Flyer
  16. Victory Drive for Peace – Flyer
  17. Caravan to El Salvador – Flyer
  18. Misc. Flyers

Box 20e – Sister City 1993

  1. Background Paper on Sistering
  2. Background Paper on the Development of El Salvador Sister city Relationships
  3. Sister City Agendas and Meeting Minutes
  4. ComFest Booth Volunteer List
  5. National Sister City Committee List and Contact Information
  6. National Sister City Phone Tree
  7. Copapayo Health Research – Update
  8. El Salvador Health Statistics
  9. International Criminal Court Factsheet
  10. School Supply Donation Drive – Flyer
  11. Latin Night – Flyer

Box 20f – Sister City 1994-2000

  1. Sister Cities Organizing Packet (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. Presentation on History of El Salvador Conflict with Notes
  3. Sister City Financial Crisis Bulletin
  4. Sister City Summary of Activity
  5. Sister City Year-end Summary
  6. Telex Campaign for Land in El Salvador
  7. Sister Cities International Cities List
  8. Jubilee Partners Report
  9. Policinica Familiar de Soyapango
  10. Items for ComFest Booth
  11. List of Items Needed for Copapayo
  12. List of Items Sent to Copapayo
  13. Copapayo School Supply Needs
  14. Copapayo Equipment Needs
  15. Copapayo List of Medical Supply Needs
  16. Drug List for Sister Communities
  17. Drug List for Sister Communities and Instructions for Sending
  18. El Salvador Health Care Workshop Resources
  19. ComFest Booth Volunteer Lists
  20. ComFest – Flyer
  21. ComFest Booth Application
  22. ComFest Booth Information and Tax Exemption Certificate
  23. Membership Campaign Documentation Checklist
  24. Overview of Delegation – Flyer
  25. Central America Week – Flyer
  26. Jerry Leggett Concert – Flyer
  27. Sister City Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  28. Sister City Yearly Plan Meeting
  29. Sister City Advisory Board Proposal
  30. Misc. Flyers

Box 20g – Sister City Undated

  1. Midwest Sister City Gathering Documents
  2. NEST Foundation Documents
  3. Sister City Feasibility Study
  4. Sister City Project Articles of Incorporation
  5. Sister City Project Code of Regulations
  6. Sister City Project Information
  7. Sister City Tour Plan
  8. Mayor David Dinkins – Mayoral Resolution to Support Peace in El Salvador
  9. List of Students in Copapayo Schools
  10. Phone List – Faded
  11. Undated Volunteer List – Handwritten
  12. Central America Week Volunteer List – Handwritten
  13. Tim Wagner – Accounting and Accountability Notice
  14. Instructions on Asking for Donations Over the Phone
  15. Appeal to Join the Telex Network
  16. Maria Benavides Press Release
  17. Maria Mirtala Lopez Mejia Bio
  18. Community of Copapayo – Need for a Clinic
  19. Background Paper on the Columbus-Copapayo Sister City Project
  20. Draft Case Statement on the Sister City Project
  21. Sister City Delegation Packet – Blank
  22. Mock-up of the Sister City Project Logo
  23. Misc. Resources on El Salvador Conflict
  24. Misc. Brochures
  25. Misc. Notes
  26. Misc. Flyers

Box 20h – Sister City Correspondence

  1. Letter of Introduction from Congressman Bob Kastenmeier, 1989
  2. Letter from Dagmar Celeste to Copapayo Delegates
  3. Letter from Senator Howard Metzenbaum
  4. Letter from Senator Paul Wellstone to Secretary Warren Christopher
  5. Letter from Columbus City Council to Ambassador William Walker, 1990
  6. Letter from Columbus City Council to Colonel Emilio Ponce, 1990
  7. Letter from Columbus City Council to Colonel Ivan Diaz, 1990
  8. Letter from Columbus City Council to Miguel Salaverria, 1990
  9. Letter from Columbus Councilor Kennedy to Colonel Emilio Ponce, 1990
  10. Letter from Governor Richard Celeste to Ambassador Miguel Salaverria, 1990
  11. Letter from Senator Howard Metzenbaum to Colonel Ivan Diaz, 1990
  12. Letter from Senator Howard Metzenbaum to Colonel Emilio Ponce, 1990
  13. Letter from Congressman Edward Feighan to Colonel Emilio Ponce, 1990
  14. Letter from Congressman Edward Feighan to Colonel Ivan Diaz, 1990
  15. Letter from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur to Colonel Emilio Ponce, 1990
  16. Letter from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur to Colonel Ivan Diaz, 1990
  17. Letters from Ron Meyers to Barry Jacobs at the US Embassy
  18. Letter Addressed to the President of the UN Security Council
  19. Letter of Instruction from the Ohio Council of Churches, 1990
  20. Correspondence Between Columbus and Copapayo
  21. Letters from Ron Meyers
  22. Misc. Project Correspondence
  23. Misc. National Sister Cities Correspondence

Box 20i – Sister City Newsletters

  1. Sister City Newsletter, 1989-1992
  2. El Salvador Online, 1989-1991
  3. Human Rights Bulletin, 1990-1991
  4. Roll Call for Peace, 1990
  5. Congress Action Alert, 1990
  6. El Salvador Labor Report, 1991-1992
  7. Perspectives, 1991
  8. El Salvador Update, 1991
  9. Proceso, 1991
  10. Our Common Future, 1992
  11. Action Alert, 1993
  12. Central America Update, 1994
  13. Sister Cities Bulletin, 1997
  14. Misc. Newsletters

Box 20j – Sister City Newspaper Clippings and Articles

  1. Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs – Press Release, 1986
  2. The Columbus Dispatch, 1989-1996
  3. The New York Times, 1989-1992
  4. The Washington Post, 1989-1990
  5. Chicago Tribune, 1989-1990
  6. The Alert, 1989
  7. Christian Science Monitor, 1989
  8. The San Francisco Chronicle, 1989
  9. The Wall Street Journal, 1989
  10. Hunger Report, 1989
  11. The Chicago Tribune, 1989
  12. The San Francisco Bay Guardian, 1989
  13. Index of Newspaper Articles on El Salvador Conflict (2), 1989
  14. CUANES Report, 1990-1992
  15. Business First, 1990
  16. Business Week, 1990
  17. National Catholic Reporter, 1990
  18. Forbes, 1990
  19. United Nations Press Release, 1991-1993
  20. El Salvador News, 1991
  21. El Rescate Weekly Report, 1991
  22. Bangor Daily News, 1991
  23. The Boston Globe, 1991
  24. The Catholic Herald, 1991
  25. Newsweek, 1992
  26. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1992
  27. The New Yorker, 1993
  28. Press and Sun Bulletin, 1993
  29. The Ohio State Lantern, 1993
  30. Inundacion, 1995
  31. Lost and Found, 1996
  32. The Capital Times, 1998
  33. Brigadista, Undated
  34. “Absolute Diabolical Terror” by Sara Miles and Bob Ostertag, Undated
  35. Universal Press Syndicate, Undated
  36. World Newspaper, Undated
  37. Misc. Unlabeled Newspaper Clippings and Scans

Box 20k – Sister City Photographs

  1. Photographs – Misc. From Copapayo Village
  2. Photographs – Misc. From Copapayo and San Salvadoran
  3. Photograph of Cindy Zeck – Anthropology Student Living in Copapayo
  4. Photograph – John McCutcheon Official Photos (2)
  5. Photograph – Archbishop Romero (5)

Box 20l – Sister City Video and Promotional Materials

  1. Copapayo Delegation Videos , February 1991
  2. Copapayo Delegation Blessing, December 1990
  3. Under the Mango Tree – Film on El Salvador and Nicaraguan Conflicts

BOX 21

Suzanne Patzer Documents (1992-1993)

  1. Letters – HADCCO Global Action Coalition, 1993
  2. Proposal for Citywide Advocacy and Activist Organization, 1993
  3. List of Questions for CIA Agent George Shrub
  4. Credit Card Charged – Donation to Sister City Project
  5. Letter – Thanks from Juliana Barnard and the National US-El Salvador Sister Cities, 1992

BOX 22

Fieldwork Audio File and Tape Logs

  1. Interview – Duane Jager
  2. Interview – Mark Stansberry
  3. Interview – Tim Wagner 01
  4. Interview – Time Wagner 02
  5. Interview – Ron Meyers
  6. Interview – Martha McFerran
  7. Interview – John Florian, Beth Stock, and Ann Chambers
  8. Interview – Suzanne Patzer
  9. Interview – Ruth Jost
  10. Interview – Helen Faherbari
  11. Interview – Beth Stock and John Florian
  12. Tape Log – Duane Jager
  13. Tape Log – Mark Stansberry
  14. Tape Log – Tim Wagner (01 and 02)
  15. Tape Log – Martha McFerran
  16. Tape Log – John Florian, Beth Stock, and Ann Chambers
  17. Tape Log – Ruth Jost