Annette Santiago Reyes


Although Annette was born in Cleveland, Ohio she grew up in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. As a kid she remembers the introduction to fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s, but other than this she describes her childhood on the island as peaceful and full of adventure. She played outside a lot. When she was a bit older her family moved back to Ohio, to Lorain. Annette recalls finding a home and sense of belonging in Lorain and describes it as a mini Puerto Rico. She remembers learning English but didn’t have a particularly tough time picking it up. She thanks her mother and her Latina teachers for this. Since Annette could maneuver both languages she reflects on growing up bilingual and constantly switching between languages. Annette remembers missing her grandparents a lot but has fond memories of going back to the island to visit them. After High School Annette got the Minority Incentive Award for Lorain Community College. Afterwards, she completed her degree in Public Policy and Administration at Cleveland State and has since completed a Master’s in Organizational Business Psychology. As a professional Annette reflects on her various jobs and her roles within the Latino community. Lastly, Annette shares her personal battle with pandemic and how it has affected her community.