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The Game of Basketland!: A Public-Facing Module for the RJ Collection

"Basketland" is an archives adventure game developed by Abbey Corcoran, Mandy Darrington, and Mani Sidhu as a public-facing module in the Comparative Studies 8100 course in AU23. This physical board game is a modified version of Candyland and educates players on the craftsman Mr. Dwight Stump, the subject of Rosemary Joyce's book, A Bearer of Tradition: Dwight Stump, Basketmaker. If you'd like to play this game, please contact cfs@osu.edu for access.

Come by to play a game of "Basketland"!

Basketland board game

Welcome to "Basketland," a whimsical game that honors the artistic talent of basket weavers and was inspired by Rosemary Joyce's work and dedication. During this captivating voyage, participants move across a lively terrain embellished with the elaborate designs and cultural relevance of basketry. Every move reflects Joyce's in-depth investigation of Indigenous civilizations and the age-old art of basket weaving. Participants untangle the historical ties sewn into the fabric of these age-old crafts as they make their way across this vibrant landscape, encountering obstacles and revelations reminiscent of Joyce's scholastic endeavors. Joyce's dedication to maintaining and respecting the stories of basket weavers, like Dwight Stump, is reflected in the core of the game, which incorporates their tales and methods into an immersive encounter. "Basketland" honors Joyce's unceasing efforts in bringing attention to the cultural significance and exquisite beauty of basketry, from the verdant woodlands where materials are collected to the busy marketplaces exhibiting a variety of designs. As players advance, they develop a greater understanding of the global connection of cultures and the skill contained in these woven artifacts, reflecting Joyce's significant contributions to the preservation and dissemination of the legacy of basket weavers around the globe.