Rosemary Joyce 2003 Donations


Donated Materials from Rosemary Joyce 2003


  1. American Voices, American Women – Lee R. Edwards and Arlyn Diamond
  2. The Creative Process – ed. By Brewster Ghiselin
  3. The Study of Folklore – Alan Dundes
  4. The Toadstool Millionaires: A social History of Patent Medicines in America before Federal Regulation – James Harvey Young
  5. Folklore and Folklife: An Introduction – Richard Dorson
  6. Pattern in the material Folk Culture of the Eastern United States – Henry Glassie
  7. From Memory to History: Using Oral Sources in Local Historical Research – Barbara Allen and Lynwood Montell
  8. Mark Twain’s America and Mark Twain at Work – Bernard DeVoto
  9. The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans: Plain Folk – ed. David M. Katzman, William M. Tuttle, Jr.
  10. Artists in Aprons: Folk Art by American Women – C. Kurt Dewhurst, Betty MacDowell, Marsha McDowell
  11. An Egg at Easter: A Folklore Study – Venetia Newall
  12. African Art of the Dogon: Myth of the Cliff Dwellers – Jean Laude
  13. Ethnic and Tourist Arts: Cultural Expressions from the Fourth World – ed. Nelson H.H. Graburn
  14. Pottery – Charles Lakofsky
  15. Baskets and Basketmaking – Alastair Heseltine

Fieldwork Guides

  1. A Guide for Collectors of Folklore in Utah – Jan Brunvand
  2. Transcribing and Editing Oral History – Willa K. Baum
  3. The Tape-Recorded Interview: A Manual for Field Workers in Folklore and Oral History – Edward Ives
  4. A Basic Guide to Fieldwork for Beginning Folklore Students – Carl Lindahl, J. Sanford Rikoon, Elaine Lawless
  5. Family Folklore Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire (1977) – Amy J. Kotkin, Holly Cutting Baker
  6. Family Folklore Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire (1976) – Amy J. Kotkin, Holly Cutting Baker
  7. An Oral History Primer – Gary L. Shumway, William G. Hartley
  8. Country Folks: A Handbook for Student Folklore Collectors – Richard and Laurna Tallman
  9. Oral History Manual – Archives – Library Division, Ohio Historical Society
  10. Visual Anthropology: Photography as a Research Method – John Collier
  11. A Guide for Field Workers in Folklore – Kenneth Goldstein

Exhibitions, Catalogs, Pamphlets, Projects

  1. The Dinner Party: A Symbol of Our Heritage – Judy Chicago
  2. Embroidering Our Heritage: The Dinner Party Needlework – Judy Chicago, Susan Hill
  3. Rainbows in the Sky: The Folk Art of Michigan in the Twentieth Century – C. Kurt Dewhurs, Marsha MacDowell
  4. Michigan Folk Art: Its Beginnings to 1941 – Michigan State University
  5. Beyond Necessity: Art in the Folk Tradition – Kenneth L. Ames
  6. Always in Season: Folk Art and Traditional Culture in Vermont – ed. Jane Beck
  7. Oak Hill Area Centennial 1873-1973 – Oak Hill Area Centennial
  8. Our Heritage: Early History of Tyn Rhos Welsh Congregational Church and its Neighborhood – ed. Evan E. Davis
  9. 1980 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition
  10. Mississippi Crafts 1983
  11. From Baskets to Banjos: Worthington Folklife Celebration (7 copies) – Rosemary Joyce
  12. Quilts and Crafts, March 26 &27, 1983: Chatfield College (5 copies)
  13. Louisiana Traditional Crafts – F.A. deCaro & R.A. Jordan
  14. Celebrate: The Story of the Museum of International Folk Art
  15. Mississippi Choctaw Crafts
  16. Florida Basketry: Continuity and Change; An Exhibit Featuring Both Traditional and Contemporary Florida Basketry Forms
  17. The Intuitive Edge: Midwest Folk and Outsider Art
  18. To Draw, Upset, and Weld: The Work of the Pennsylvania Rural Blacksmith 1742 – 1935 – Jeannette Lasansky
  19. Cast in Clay: The Folk Pottery of Grand Ledge, Michigan
  20. Ohio Folk Traditions: A New Generation
  21. Patchwork Quilts: Deep South Traditions – Susan Roach Lankford
  22. In Touch With Traditions – University of Delaware, Jan 26- Feb 13, 1981
  23. “Your Wellwisher, J.B. Walker”: A Midwestern Paper Cut-Out Artist
  24. Selections From the Permanent Collection of the Vent Haven Museum
  25. The Traditional Arts and Crafts of Warren County, Kentucky – Annie Archbold
  26. How to Make Ukrainian Pysanky – Martha Wichorek
  27. Begin Again: Poems by the Women’s Poetry Workshop at the Ohio State University
  28. Wycinanki and Pysanky: Forms of Religious And Ethnic Folk Art from the Delaware Valley
  29. Industrial History, Oak Hill, Ohio – Evan Edward Davis
  30. Traditional Crafsmanship in America: A Diagnostic Report – ed. Charles Camp
  31. To Cut, Piece, & Soldier: The Work of the Rural Pennsylvania Tinsmith 1778 -
    1908 – Jeannette Lasansky
  32. Tinware: Yesterday and Today-Compiled and edited by Elmer L. Smith


  1. American Folk Architecture: A Selected Bibliography
  2. Traditional Crafts and Crafsmanship in America


Traditional Crafts and Craftmanship in America – Susan Sink
American Folk Architecture – Howard Wight Marshall

Journals, Magazines

Colonial Williamsburg Archaeological Series No. 5 James Geddy and Sons: Colonial Craftsmen – Ivor Noel Hume
Colonial Williamsburg Archaeological Series No. 3 Archaeology and Wetherburn’s Tavern – Ivor Noel Hume
Shanachie: A Magazine of Dublin Culture and History, 175th Anniversary Issue
The Tale Spinner: Making Baskets – Summer 1983
The Clarion – (Folk Art Magazine) – Issue Spring 1980
The Clarion (Folk Art Magazine) – Issue Winter 1981-1982
The Clarion (Folk Art Magazine) – Issue Spring-Summer 1981
Indiana English Journal, Vol. 11, No. 2, Winter 1976-77
Studies in Family Planning: Learning about Rural Women Vol 10 Number 11/12, Nov/Dec 1979
Dialogue: Works by Women – May/June 1987
Folklife Center News, Vol. V, Number 2, April 1982 (13 copies)
The Korean Onggi Potter by Robert Sayers with Ralph Rinzler – Smithsonian Folklife Studies, #5
American Anthropologist , Journal of the American Anthropological Association– Dec. 1982, vol 84, #4
Working Americans: Contemporary Approaches to Occupational Folklore, ed. Robert Byington – Smithsonian Folklife Studies #3, 1978
American Ethnologist Special Issue: Symbolism and Cognition – Vol. 8, #3, August 1981
Ohio Folklife: Journal of the Ohio Folklore Society – Vol VI, 79-81 (three copies)


  1. Songs of Work and Protest – Edith Fowkes and Joe Glazer
  2. Golden Bridge: German Folk Recreation
  3. The Irish Song Tradition – Sean O Boyle
  4. Songs From the Hills of Vermont – collected by Edith B. Sturgis 5. Songs of the Isles, Vol. 1 – Hugh S. Robertson
  5. Songs of the Isles , Vol. 2 - Hugh S. Robertson
  6. Five Virginian Folk Songs – John Powell
  7. American-English Folk-Ballads, Set 21 – Cecil J. Sharp
  8. American-English Folk-Ballads, Set 22 – Cecil J. Sharp
  9. Mountain Songs of North Carolina – collected by Susannah Wemore and Marshall Bartholowmew
  10. American Anthology of Old-World Ballads – compiled and edited Reed Smith
  11. Lonesome Tunes: Folk Songs From the Kentucky Mountains – collected Lorained Wyman
  12. Songs of the West – compiled by Paul Glass Louis Singer
  13. Darling Nelly Gray - Benjamin Hanby
  14. Modern Art Songs
  15. Songs About Spring - Dominick Argento
  16. Record inserts (file folder)

Records Albums

  1. Folksongs of the Miramichi
  2. Folk Music of the United States – ed. Alan Lomax
  3. Songs of the French Canada – Laura Boulton, Samuel Gesser, Carmen Roy
  4. Ballads and Songs of the Upper Hudson Valley – Sara Cleveland
  5. Eight Traditional British American Ballads
  6. The Best of Fieldston 1960-1967
  7. Traditional Music at Newport 1964 Part Two
  8. Traditionally Tennessee: The Mid-Tennessee Championship Old-Time Fiddlers’ Convention
  9. Traditional Music from Central Ohio
  10. Dulcimer Songs and Solos
  11. Old times and Hard Times – Hedy West
  12. Gonna Have a Good Time (In Jesus) – the Harmonettes
  13. Music of the Ozarks
  14. A Bucket of Worms
  15. Music from the True Vine - Mike Seeger Peggy Alone – Peggy Seeger
  16. Rats Won’t Stay Where There’s Music
  17. Religious Music: Congregational & Ceremonial, Vol. 1 – ed. Richard Spottswood
  18. Ohio Revisited: A Choice Collection of 19th Century Music – Ohio Village Singers
  19. Folk Music of Ohio: 1938 through 1940
  20. The Hammons Family: A Study of a West Virginia Family’s Traditions – ed. Carl Fleischhauer and Alan Jabbour
  21. Folk Song and Minstrelsy
  22. The Music of Primitive Man 24. Parti Ffynnon (45rpm)
  23. Molly Darlin’/Wild Rose of the Mountain- JP and Annadeene Fraley (45 rpm)
  24. Franklin County Woman/Please Mr. Carter – Rainbow Canyon C.B. (45 rpm)

Folklore Files

African American/Black Folklore
Clown (see also festival)
Folklore and Communication
Folklore: Computerizing
Folklore in Education
Ethnic Slurs
Jewish Folklore
Folklore: Legend
American Folklife
Flore (Folklore) and Literature
Male Chauvinism
Mass Media
Folklore Medicines
Women and Humour
Xeroxes, Jokes
Quilt Book
Folk Religion
Russian Folklore
Folklore: Sermons Folklore: Slavic
Ethnography – Speaking
Folklore: Tales
Folklore: Textiles
Folklore: Treasures, Buried
Folklore: Women
Folklore and WPA
Arewa, "Proverb Usage in a 'Natural" Context…"
City-Country Dichotomy
Miscellaneous from Rosemary Joyce
Record Inserts

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