Central Ohio Traditional Music



Fieldworkers: David Brose, Tim Lloyd

"The influences of West Virginia and Kentucky vocal and instrumental styles run deep, as do the evolving strains of country and western, western swing, bluegrass, and country jazz from the west and the south"

This collection consists of documentation of Central Ohio traditional music scene by two fieldworkers who were themselves musicians.  Brose and Lloyd worked on this project from September 1978 to April 1979.  In the course of their investigation, they found the Ohio musician to show "a wide range of stylistic influences as a result of the urban industrialised north meeting the foothills of Appalachia to the south and the West Virginia border to the southeast".

Among the Ohioan traditional musicians who collaborated with Brose and Lloyd for this project and are accordingly represented in this collection are The Ambassadors, Bluegrass Palace, Leroy Hawkins, Harold Henthorne and Rollie Homen, Ruth Hiles, Woody Inboden, Ward Jarvis, Harvey Phelps, Shorty Ratcliff and the Bluegrass Mountain Boys, and members of the Ebenezer Baptist and the Fairwood Baptist Churches.  The documentation is largely in the form of audio recordings and printed materials that feature both text and photographs.