Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio

The Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio exhibit explores how residents of Scioto County create a sense of place in a changing environment by engaging everyday cultural practices that respond to and transform their communities. These nine banners showcase innovative action in Scioto County that responds to change. We invite people join the conversation by contributing your knowledge, responses, and reflections. What does your Scioto County look like? How do you engage in placemaking? Follow the exhibit on Facebook at and use these hashtags to contribute your ideas! #sciotogram #mysciotocounty #digitalappalachia

Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio launched in September 2018 and banners were hosted across the county throughout the 2018-2019 year.  Based on input from our Ohio Field School Community Partner Advisory Committee, we are continuing our engagement with the exhibit in 2020 (see Placemaking 2.0 below).

There are four major components of the Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio traveling exhibit:

  1. Pop-up Banners 
  2. Exhibit Field Guide 
  3. Website & social media
  4. Public programming

Exhibit Components

Each of the nine 33” x 88” stand-alone pop-up panel displays a series of visual images that are designed to facilitate community dialogues about important aspects of everyday life in southern Ohio. That is, the banners serve as conversational catalysts rather than attempt to encapsulate or represent life in the county. The banners guide viewers to engage with the banners via social media and online galleries. Banners will be stationed in the Morris University Center at Shawnee State University from September through December, after which they will move to their host locations from December through August 2019. Banner titles include:

  1.  (host: OSU Extension - Scioto County)
  2.  (host: Portsmouth Public Library, Lucasville)
  3. (host: Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth)
  4.  (host: Southern Ohio Medical Center Life Center & Connex)
  5.  (host: Northwest High School)
  6.  (Clark Memorial Library, Shawnee State University)
  7.  (host: 14th Street Community Center)
  8.  (host: Shawnee State Lodge & Conference Center)
  9.  (host: Southern Ohio Museum)

The above PDF includes all the banners listed above in 8.5X11 size for ease of printing.

Banner hosts included: 14th Street Community Center, Connex, Northwest High School, OSU Extension--Scioto County, Portsmouth Public Library (Portsmouth and Lucasville branches), Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center, Shawnee State University’s Clark Memorial Library, the Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Life Center, and the Southern Ohio Museum.

 An exhibit field guide allows visitors can complete activities and collect stamps at each location. 




The DigitalCommons@Shawnee site—co-edited by Dr. Andrew Feight (Professor of American and Digital History, SSU), Janet Stewart (Dean of Library Services, SSU), and Dr. Cassie Patterson (Center for Folklore Studies, OSU)—not only features exhibit content and content from the Ohio Field School archives, but also provides opportunities for community members to publish their own stories. We will connect the panels, passport, and website together using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which will allow people to share their responses to the exhibit! Visit to view the Bepress site!

Community partners expressed that they wanted to have more opportunities to talk with one another (especially across different experiences). Community-hosted public programming centered around each of the banner topics and questions took place throughout 2019 and were advertised on the exhibit Facebook page. 

During summer 2020, an Educator Committee--made up of local teachers and after-school program leaders in Scioto County--is drawing on the exhibit to create place-based K-12 curriculum that will be able to be used throughout the 2020-2021 school year. The Educator Committee is focusing especially on developing adaptable lesson plans that engage students' local environments during the Covid-19 pandemic. One outcome of P2.0 will be a curriculum website that will feature at least 5 lesson plans prepared by the Educator Committee as well as educational resources compiled by the team.

The Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio banners will be donated to a public organization in summer 2021 so that educators and community members can access it long-term.

Placemaking 2.0 Educator Committee

Amy Barnhart, Portsmouth STEM Academy & Portsmouth Area Arts Council and Children's Theater
Bridgette Compton, Northwest Middle School and Future Farmers of America Advisor
Sue Eleuterio, Freelance Folklorist & Faculty Member in the Masters in Cultural Sustainability program at Goucher College
Kinsey Hall, Shawnee State University's Children's Learning Center
Marcia Harris, Executive Director of Time Out for Me & Psychology and Communication departments at Shawnee State University
Robin Hileman, Portsmouth West Middle School
Cassie Patterson, Center for Folklore Studies at Ohio State University


Talking About Race in Community webinar
Talking About Race in the K-12 Classroom workshop

Visit to view and download lesson plans, link to resources, and connect to other educators!


The exhibit is a collaboration between The Center for Folklore Studies at Ohio State University, Shawnee State University, and community partners throughout Scioto County, including Barbara and Kevin Bradbury (Hurricane Run Farm),  Andrew Carter (World Sound Entertainment, 14th Street Community Center and Watch Me Grow), Dr. Andrew Feight (Professor of History, Shawnee State University), Dr. Janet Feight (Professor of English, Shawnee State University),  Charlie Haskins (Haskins House), Jody and Martin McAllister (Friends of Scioto Brush Creek), Jenny Richards (Shawnee State Park), and Treva Williams (OSU Extension-Scioto County).

Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio in the Press

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14th Street Center has Turkey Giveaway in the Portsmouth Daily Times (December 27, 2018)
14th Street Community Center help set the table for the holidays in the Scioto Voice (December 10, 2018)

For more information about the exhibit and public programming, or to request an exhibit field guide, email Cassie at Email Cassie at if you need accommodations to attend any events or activities. 

Exhibit and banner designs by Molly Kime for OSU Arts & Sciences Marketing and Communications