Sharing Visions Digital Summits 2020

Sharing Visions: Intergenerational Work in Appalachian Ohio
Digital Summit Schedule
November 8-22, 2020

In partnership with faculty at Ohio University, staff at OSU Extension in Scioto and Perry Counties, and community partners in the region, The Center for Folklore Studies at The Ohio State University is documenting and promoting cross-county, intergenerational relationship-building, capacity building, and succession planning for grassroots organizations in Scioto and Perry counties in Appalachian Ohio. Our community partners in Appalachian Ohio have expressed that economic, environmental, and cultural changes in the region have impacted intergenerational succession within small community organizations. A number of organizations in these counties are facing retirements of their founding members, making succession a priority for their sustainability. Sharing Visions provides an opportunity to take stock of past and current organizational structures, capacities, and expertise; document generational perspectives and desires for community organizations; and provide opportunities for collaborative, intergenerational strategic and succession planning and knowledge sharing.

All Sharing Visions Summit discussions will be held through a single Zoom meeting room/invitation. Registered participants will be emailed the information to join the meeting rooms by URL or by phone prior to the discussion. To register for the Sharing Visions summit and receive the Zoom link for the below sessions, fill out this Qualtrix survey. You can also view descriptions of individual sessions by following the linked Facebook events on the Sharing Visions Facebook page.

Contact Project Manager, Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth at if you have any questions about joining the summit!

Sharing Visions Kickoff Zoom Party
Sunday, Nov. 8 6-8 PM
Hosted by Andrew Carter, The Fourteenth St Community Center (Portsmouth, Ohio)

Connections and Collaborations with Higher Education
Wednesday, Nov. 11 2-4 PM
Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth, The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies

Diversifying Organizational Leadership
Thursday, Nov. 12 3-5 PM
Rachel Terman, Ohio University
Cassie Rosita Patterson, The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies

Social Media, Technology, and Web Presence
Friday, Nov. 13 10 AM-12 PM
Andrew Carter, The Fourteenth St Community Center (Portsmouth, Ohio)

Cultural Diversity in Rural Areas
Friday, Nov. 13 2-4 PM
Janis Ivory, Rendville Historical Preservation Society (Rendville, Ohio)

Volunteer Management and Liability Reduction
Monday, Nov. 16 11 AM-1 PM
Andrew Bashaw, The Buckeye Trail Association (Shawnee, Ohio)

Intergenerational Succession in Grassroots Organizations
Monday, Nov. 16 5-7 PM
John Winnenberg, Sunday Creek Associates (Shawnee, Ohio)

Collaborating with K-12 Educators
Friday, Nov. 18 5-7 PM
Jenny Richards, Shawnee State Park (West Portsmouth, Ohio)
Cassie Rosita Patterson, The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies

Environmental Issues and Non-Profits
Thursday, Nov. 19 1-3 PM
Nate Schlater, Monday Creek Restoration Project (New Straitsville, Ohio)
Caitlyn Park, Monday Creek Restoration Project (New Straitsville, Ohio)

Destinations and Tourism
Friday, Nov. 20 3-5 PM
Andrew Feight, Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, Ohio)

Sharing Visions Closing Zoom Party
Sunday Nov. 22 6-8 PM
Hosted by John Winnenberg, Sunday Creek Associates (Shawnee, OH)

Sharing Visions Team

Dr. Katherine Borland (Center for Folklore Studies, OSU)
Andrew Carter (Fourteenth Street Community Center, Scioto County, OH)
Sarah Craycraft (Comparative Studies, OSU)
Dr. Cassie Patterson (Center for Folklore Studies, OSU)
Dr. Rachel Terman (Sociology, Ohio University)
Dr. Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth (Center for Folklore Studies, OSU)
Treva Williams (OSU Extension - Scioto County)
John Winnenberg (Sunday Creek Associates, Perry County, OH)
Dr. Thedore Wiseman (OSU Extension - Perry County)

Sharing Visions is generously supported by OSU's office of Outreach & Engagement via their Connect & Collaborate grant, including contributions from OSU's Center Clinical and Translational Science, OSU's Office of Sustainability, OSU's Office of Service-Learning, and a private donation from the Columbus Foundation.