Human Rights: Confronting Images and Testimonies Conference


What is Evidence? This March, at the Wexner Center, artists, activists and scholars will discuss their work in the context of human rights as it transforms the raw material of individual and collective suffering into legible and convincing data, confrontational imagery or testimony.

The conference begins on Thursday March 4 at 4:00 with a presentation by the artist-activist Coco Fusco. Among the presenters on March 5 at the symposium "Questions of Evidence" are Caroll Bogert (Associate Director Human Rights Watch); Brenda Brueggemann (Professor of English and Disability Studies, OSU), Sam Gregory (Project Director Witness), Sharon Hayes (multi-media artist), Andrew Herscher (Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan), Amy Horowitz (OSU, lecturer), Ratna Kapur (Professor and Director of the Centre for Feminist Legal Research, New Delhi, India); Wendy S. Hesford (Assoc. Professor English, OSU). The conference will conclude with the collaborative project Combatant Status Review Tribunals, pp. 002954-003064: A Public Reading.

Sponsors of the conference include: The College of Arts and Humanities; The Department of Art, Living Culture Initiative; Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities; Disability Studies; Diversity and Identity Studies; The Department of English; Center for Folklore Studies; Melton Center for Jewish Studies; Mershon Center for International Security; Multicultural Center; OSU-WID (Women International Development); Project Narrative Rhetorical Visions Fund (Department of English); Sexuality Studies; The Wexner Center for the Arts; The Institute of Women, Gender, and Public Policy; The Department of Women's Studies.

Full schedule will be available in the coming weeks. For more information contact the conference organizers Wendy Hesford (, Amy Shuman (, or Ann Hamilton (