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Lusophone Globalicities (2007)

Lusophone Globalicities: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Project is a working group whose purpose is to enhance understanding of cultural texts and dynamics that have resulted from the centuries-long networks of exchange among and beyond Portuguese-speaking regions in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It is interested in what this inquiry teaches about present-day cultural and political realities in the Lusophone world, as well as the role of Lusophone societies in the global milieu. Issues to be explored include domestic and transnational negotiations between "high" and "low" culture, and the impact of audiovisual culture (e.g., music, television, cinema) and diverse forms of expressive culture (e.g., folklore and folk life, religious and ritual traditions, festival practices) on contemporary national and global politics, economic systems, and discourses of identity. For more information, you can visit the group's page, or contact one of the co-leaders of the group: Daniel Avorgbedor (avorgbedor.1@osu.edu) or Richard Gordon (gordon.397@osu.edu).


January 5, 2007: Kate Brucher (Musicology, Bowling Green State University)
"Viva Rhode Island, Viva Portugal! Performance, Tourism, and Transnationalism in Portuguese-American Bands"
3:30 Knight House

February 2, 2007: Kazadi wa Mukukna (School of Music, Kent State University)
"The Enigma of Bumba-meu-Boi"
3:30 Knight House; Reception 5:30 Knight House

February 23, 2007: Richard A. Gordon (Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State University)
"The Performance of Late-Eighteenth-Century Portugal and Brazil in 'Novo entremez Os Malaquecos, ou Os costumes brazileiros' [ca. 1787]"

March 9, 2007: Russell Hamilton (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese, Vanderbilt University)
"The Lusophone World: Eight Countries Joined and Divided by the Same Language"
3:30 Knight House; Reception 5:30 Knight House

April 6, 2007: Christopher Dunn (Spanish and Portuguese, Tulane University)
"Mr. Citizen and Defective Android: Tom Zé, Music, and Citizenship in Brazil"
3:30 in SPAN 840 046 Hagerty Hall; Reception 5:30 Knight House


Richard Gordon, gordon.397@osu.edu.