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On the Streets of Notting Hill: Carnival in the Twenty-First Century (2007-2008)

A travelling exhibition on costume arts in London's Notting Hill Carnival, a festival in the Afro-Caribbean tradition which has become both "Europe's largest street party" and an important site of negotiation over race and belonging in contemporary Britain. The exhibition will be curated by Lesley Ferris, Professor of Theatre, OSU, and Ruth Tompsett, Principal Lecturer in Drama and Performing Arts, Middlesex University, London. Other OSU participants include R. Brian Stone, Associate Professor of Design, and Dorothy Noyes, Associate Professor of English. The exhibition, with an accompanying multimedia program produced by OSU design students, will be shown at London City Hall on the Thames in 2007 and travel to other British and American venues in 2008.

Contact: Lesley Ferris, ferris.36@osu.edu.