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Qualia (2004-2010)

Starting in 2004, the OSU Center for Folklore Studies has given support to Qualia: Festival of Gay Folklife. Founded in 2002, Qualia is an organization established to promote and celebrate LGBT folklife. Qualia's mission is to educate people about LGBT culture through scholarship and celebration. Each year the Qualia organization holds lectures and events on timely topics.

Conferences (2004-2010)

2010: Columbus Is Rolling in His Grave: Discovering the New (Gay) World

This year's conference is dedicated to the growing diversity of the LGBTQ community in Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

Tentative Schedule

All conference events are in the Senate Room, OSU Student Union. Sponsored by The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies, OSU Folklore Student association, New Leaf Columbus, Columbus State Community College Diversity/Study Abroad/TRiO Programs, Outlook News, Equality Ohio, Chipotlé Mexican Grill, and Axis Nightclub/Union Café.

Friday October 1

7:00-9:00 pm
When Hate Comes to Town
Forum on dealing with hate groups and individuals that come to Columbus, moderated by Michael Daniels of Outlook.

11:00 pm-2:15 am
Fundraiser at Axis nightclub for BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization)
DJ Chris Westenhouser

Saturday October 2

12:00 pm
Session on Encyclopedia of Gay Folklife (Mickey Weems, Polly Stewart, Joe Goodwin, and Kevin Mason)

1:10 pm
Noir Nouveau: The Rise of the African American Gay Community in Columbus, a roundtable discussion on African American LGBTQ organizations, including discussion of 2011 fundraiser for LGBTQ Haitians and the upcoming Capleton concert (Aaron Riley, moderator)

2:20 pm
New Hispanic Americans (Documented and Otherwise): Hispanic Immigration and the LGBTQ Community (Mike Alarid of ¿Que Pasa, OSU?, moderator)

3:20 pm: BREAK

3:30 pm
Bringing Salvation to Westboro Baptist Church

4:30 pm: Closing remarks

11:00 pm-2:15 am
Fundraiser at Axis for BRAVO
DJ Alan Saunders

2008: After the Pride Parade: Global Ethics of Our People

The sixth annual Qualia Festival of Gay Folklife (May 2-4, 2008) is issuing a call for papers. The date of the academic conference that is held in conjunction with the festival is May 2 and 3.

The theme this year is "After the Pride Parade: Global Ethics of Our People." As LGBTQA people become more accepted into mainstream society, what is it that we can contribute to the improvement of humanity? Issues to be addressed this year include the ethics of AIDS treatment and policy, ethics of inclusion of disabled/differently abled people, insider/outsider status within the LGBTQA collective, and the role of Gay folklore and its history in Folklore Studies.

As with every Qualia, admission to and participation in the conference is open to all and free of charge. Our keynote speaker is Diane Goldstein. We will also begin an archive of LGBTQA folklore with recordings of the lived experiences of those who founded the AFS-LGBTQA section. We will also have fundraiser dances and shows to raise money for the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO).

Please send all proposals to Mickey Weems (mickeyweems@yahoo.com), 614 746-1778 by April 4.

Contact: Mick Weems, mickeyweems@yahoo.com.

2007: Chica/Chico: Expressions of Gender

Qualia 2007 will be held on the weekend of April 13-15, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. The conference is dedicated to performance in the GLBT community. The theme this year is "Chica/Chico: Expressions of Gender." The conference promises to be very good, with the welcome presence of Joe Goodwin and Polly Stewart. This year, we have scheduled two documentaries ("Almost Myself" about male-to-female transgendered persons, and "Drag Kings on Tour"). The keynote speaker will be female-to-male transman, artist, and scholar Jay Sennett. There will also be a performance of "Paint" by drag king/scholar Sile Singleton.

The range of presentations/performances is as varied as the human capacity for gendered expression. It can include (but is not limited to) issues of masculinity, femininity, youth, the elderly, race, ethnicity, history, scholarship, representation, illusion, straight/gay relationships, family, realness, spirituality, psychology, humor, medicine, law, and the media. Conference directors welcome papers and presentations concerning queer gender issues in folklore. If interested, please submit a 300-word synopsis on your topic by March 15 to mickeyweems@yahoo.com. Presentations should be at least 20 minutes in length but no longer than 40 minutes. All Qualia conference events are open to the public and free of charge. There is no fee for presenters, participants, or spectators. Mickey Weems and Kevin Mason, coordinators; Sile Singleton and Erin Tarr, coordinators.

2006: Ohana: We Are Family

Qualia 2006: "Ohana: We Are Family" will focus on issues of family and kinship in the GLBT community. April 15 and 16, 2006.

2005: GLBT Expressions of Spirituality

2004: Secrecy and Revelation in the LGBT Community