Taliban and Participative Small Media in Pashtun Society, 1920-2010

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October 29, 2010
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Mershon Center 120



(The University of Pennsylvania)

Taliban and Participative Small Media in Pashtun Society, 1920-2010

Presented by CFS and the Mershon Center for International Security Studies
Friday, October 29, 2010
Mershon Center 120

James Caron is a lecturer in South Asian Studies at The University of Pennsylvania. His research and teaching interests include modern South Asia and Afghanistan; alternative historiography through popular arts; nationalism, public spheres, and circulation technologies; and Pashto language and literature.
Caron has done fieldwork on Pashtun identity, nationalism, and social history in Kabul, Afghanistan, and Peshawar and Islamabad, Pakistan. Recent publications include "Teaching and Learning Guide: Afghanistan Historiography and Pashtun Islam" (History Compass,2009); "Richard Nixon and Malang Jan, 1953: Reading Popular Pashto Poetry as a Social Scientist and a Historian" (Serrana, Kabul University, 2009); "Afghanistan Historiography and Pashtun Islam: Modernization Theory's Afterimage" (History Compass, 2007); and several entires in The Oxford Companion to Pakistan History, ed. by Ayesha Jalal (Oxford University Press, forthcoming). Caron received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Temple University and his doctorate in South Asian Studies from The University of Pennsylvania. He is an honorary member of the advisory board at Baacha Khan Research Centre in Peshawar, Pakistan, and recipient of the Penfield Research Abroad Fellowship and the SAS Dissertation Fellowship. This lecture is part of the Mershon Center’s Seminar Series on Ideas, Identities,
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