Dr. Mark Bender & the New Publication of Chinese Folk Literature

December 4, 2019
Mark Bender

Dr. Mark Bender, chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, announced the publication of Meige, the translation of  a version of a folk epic of the Yi ethnic group from Chuxiong prefecture, Yunnan province, China in in 1959. The content, which is delivered in a variety of narrative formats, concerns the creation of the sky and earth, land and water forms, plants, animals, humans, and the local Yi ethnic culture. The English translation, published by Yunnan People's Press, was made by Gao Xia, Yang Neng, and Wang Qiong, three professors in Chuxiong Normal University. Professor Bender polished the translation and wrote the Preface. This is an example of an international constellation of translators who are engaged in introducing China's folk literature to global audiences. This publication follows the release of a similar epic called the The Nuosu Book of Origins (University of Washington Press), translated by Mark Bender, Aku Wuwu, and Jjivot Zopqu earlier this year.