Folklore Concentration


The Department of Comparative Studies offers a concentration in folklore within its major. The list below is an overview; please visit the department's requirements page for more detailed information.

Required Courses (36 credits total)

All three of the following (9 credits)

  • Introduction to Folklore: listed as either Comparative Studies 2350 or English 2270 (3 credits)
  • Comp St 3990 Approaches to Comparative Studies (3 credits)
  • Comp St 4990 Senior Seminar (3 credits)

Four of the following, one of which must be a Comp St 5957 class (12 credits):

  • Comp St 3657/Arabic 3301 Contemporary Folklore in the Arab World
  • Comp St 4597.03 Global Folklore
  • Comp St 5691 Topics in Comparative Studies (with appropriate topic)
  • Comp St 5957.01 Comparative Folklore
  • Comp St 5957.02 Folklore in Circulation
  • English 4577.01 Folklore I: Groups and Communities
  • English 4577.02 Folklore II: Genre, Form, Meaning and Use
  • English 4577.03 Folklore III: Issues and Methods

Distribution requirement (15 credit hours):

Students can use the distribution requirement to cultivate a focus of interest in a particular group, cultural form, or issue: for example, Appalachian folklore, religious folk art, or folklore and ethnic conflict. Center for Folklore Studies Interim Director Amy Shuman at (fall 2018) or Galey Modan (  can help you to plan your focus. Courses that satisfy the distribution requirement are listed on the Comparative Studies requirements page for the folklore major (see link above).