Rosemary Joyce Research Materials Collection


Collected 1977‐1985
These materials include:


Fraley Mountain Festival 1982, Recreation Games "Treehouse", Gesture "Italian Gesture", Cultural Arts Center Festival 9/82 , St. Stephen's Greek Festival, Negroid "Simeon Jay" , Foodways "Nevada Foodways and Camping", San Francisco Chinatown 1983, Brookwood Quilts, Bear's Paw Quilt Shop, West Virginia Quilts, Athens Quilt National 1981 , African Artifacts (M. Laz), Cleveland Embroidery Guild , Pysanky, Hungarian Sausage (3/77) , Shakertown, Kentucky and the Centre Family, Ohio Historical Society Quilts (3/30/81) ; U.N. Grad Kids "Role Clothes" , Wooster Quilt Show 1975 , Zivili rehearsals, Amish Quilts Athens 1981, Athens Quilt National 1981 , Dinner Party Show, Cleveland Ohio.

Slide Series

Stump Series, Connie Arnett Series (Quilter), Ida St. Clair Series (Rag Rugs), Jack and Sue Kennedy (Wood and Wool), Hocking County Arts and Crafts Show 1980, Ogle Series, Logan County Fair 1980 Series, Don Nida Series (blacksmith ‐ April 1977), Welsh Museum Series (Jackson OH ‐ April 1977), Elmer Knott Series (Basket maker ‐ 9/10/1980), Nora Rudder and Ethel Spears Series (Basket makers ‐ 9/10/1980), Nancy Crowe Series (quilter ‐ Baltimore, Ohio), Oho Moore Series (Basket Maker ‐ Adams County), Manchester Ohio Series, Middleton Ohio "Middfest Series" 10/1982, Sante Fe Series, Food for Thought Series, Oak Hill Series , Roads Oh Series, Rio Grande Gallipolis OH Series, Jackson OH Series, Bob Evans Farm Festival Series, Marietta Series, Musking River Boat Series, Blennerhasset Series, Wellston Series, Belmont Series, Chatfield Series, Georgetown Series, Hillsboro Series, Lynn Malone Series.


Quilters Series, Brookwood Quilter Series, Verbal Art, Barre Toelken, Mary Kalklosch, Interviews of Folk Musicians, Tommy Canaday, Willie Clancy Music School, Belmont College, Marietta College, Rio Grande College, Chatfield College, Interviews of Basketmakers, Chairmakers, Egg Decorator, Toymaker, Weaver, Quilts as Social Documents, Traditional Art, Ogre Interviews, Augusta Heritage Workshop, Fraley Festival, Kentucky Singers, Scots Singers.

Filing Cards

Filing cards of Contacts, Work Contacts and Organizations , made in 1976 when Joyce worked for Arts Council.

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