2006-2007 Calendar


Fall Quarter

September 29, 2006: Fall Welcome Meeting

October 12, 2006: Show Time

October 18-22: 2006: American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Milwaukee
October 19, 2006: OSU Dessert Reception
October 27, 2006: Final Fridays Lunch

November 3, 2006: Professionalization Workshop #1
November 9, 2006: Show Time

November 17, 2006: Professionalization Workshop #2
November 17, 2006: Final Fridays Lunch
November 20-21, 2006: Graduate student workshop with Carl Lindahl
November 20-21, 2006: Lecture: Katrina Stories, the David Effect, and the Right to Be Wrong (Carl Lindahl)
November 20, 2006: Conversation: "Faces in the Fire: Images of Terror in Appalachian Märchen and in the Wake of September 11"
November 28-29, 2006: Conference: Living Jerusalem , Mershon Center

Winter Quarter

January 11, 2007: Show Time, The Perfumed Nightmare
January 26, 2007: Professionalization Workshop: discussion with Professors Margaret Mills and Dan Prior
January 26, 2007: Final Fridays Lunch, 12:00-1:30 pm, Dulles 308

February 8, 2007: Dinner Lecture: Material Negotiations of Identity in Quadalajara (Ignacio Corona) 
February 16, 2007: AFS Abstract Writing Workshop with Brent Björkman
February 23, 2007: Professionalization Workshop #4: Koritha Mitchell discusses the works of Trudier Harris
February 23, 2007: Final Fridays Lunch
February 28, 2007: English/Folklore Alumni Lecture: Trudier Harris, 4:30 pm, Denney 311

March 1, 2007: Show Time, Joy Unspeakable
March 30, 2007: Professionalization Workshop #5: Merrill Kaplan discusses the works of Diane Goldstein
March 30, 2007: Final Fridays Lunch

Spring Quarter

April 11, 2007: Dinner Lecture: Food for Thought: Preserving Family Farming in Changing Times (Howard Sacks)
April 12, 2007: Show Time, Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World
April 13, 2007: Lunchtime roundtable on Folklore and Sexuality Studies, with guests Joe Goodwin, Pauline Greenhill, and Polly Stewart
April 19, 2007: Brown Bag Workshop: Applied Folklore: A Workshop with Diane Goldstein
April 19, 2007: Lecture: Diane Goldstein
April 21, 2007: Dinner with visiting AFS Board, TBA
April 27, 2007: Professionalization Workshop #6: Ray Cashman
April 27, 2007: Final Fridays Lunch

May 3-5, 2007: Conference: Culture Archives and the State, Mershon Center, TBA
May 10, 2007: Show Time, Talking Trauma
May 18, 2007 Folklore Student Association Conference
May 19, 2007: Folklore Spring Barbecue, This year featuring "A Showcase of Men's Cooking," 7:00 p.m., Tim and Barbara Lloyd Residence.

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