2011-2012 Calendar


Fall Quarter

September 30 (Friday) Welcome Lunch, 308 Dulles, noon

October 10 (Monday) Mini-conference on Persian Folklore, NELC Conference room, 4-6:00 pm
October 14 (Friday) The OSU Dessert Reception at the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society in Bloomington, Indiana
October 17 (Monday) Lecture: Ulf Palmenfelt, Location: TBA, 3:30 pm
October 31 (Monday) Presentation: Coexistence Education, Ohio Union Multi-cultural Center, 7:00 pm

November 3 (Thursday) The Arab Spring: Developments in North Africa and the Middle East
November 10 (Thursday) Works-in-Progress Brown Bag Lunch: Amy Shuman, 308 Dulles Hall, 12:30 pm

December 1 (Thursday) Works-in-Progress Brown Bag Lunch: Emily Lethbridge, 308 Dulles Hall, 12:30 pm
December 2 (Friday) Annual Utley Lecture: Emily Lethbridge, 090 Sci & Eng Lib, 2:30-3:45 pm
December 5 (Monday) Joint Holiday Open House with CMRS, 308 Dulles Hall, 4:00-6:00 pm

Spring Quarter

January 6 (Friday) Friday Lunch, 308 Dulles, noon
January 20 (Friday) Works-in-Progress Brown Bag Lunch: Willow Mullins, 308 Dulles Hall, 12:30 pm

February 3 (Friday) Friday Lunch, 308 Dulles, noon
February 17-18 (Fri-Sat) Folklore Student Association’s  OSU/IU Joint Folklore Student Conference, Ohio Union
February 23 (Thursday) Lecture, Kirk Hazen, Location: TBA, 4:30 pm
February 24 (Friday) Morning Lecture on Dialect Project: Kirk Hazen, TBA
February 24 (Friday) Lunch with Kirk Hazen: Location: TBA, 12:30 pm

March 9 (Friday) Friday Lunch, 308 Dulles, noon

April 12 (Thursday) Lecture: Leonard Primiano, 311 Denney Hall, 4-6:00 pm
April 14 (Saturday) Dinner with AFS Board, TBA

May 3-4   (Thu-Fri) Conference on Voluntourism in Central America, Mershon Center, TBA  
May 10 (Thursday) Lecture: Jennifer Schacker, 311 Denney Hall, 4-6:00 pm
May 18-19 (Fri-Sat) Conference: Good Works in Afghanistan: A Conference in Honor of Margaret Mills
May 26 (Saturday) Spring Picnic, TBA

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