Decentering Power: The Art of (Everyday) Subversion


Friday, April 4, 2014

  • 8:00 am Registration
    Senate Chamber Room
    Barbie Tootle Room
  • 9:00 Opening Remarks Dr. Allison Fish, (University of California, Davis)
    Barbie Tootle Room
  • 9:30 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 1: Resistant Sounds and Images: Contemporary Expressive Cultures in the Middle East
      Senate Chamber Room
      Anil Powers (The Ohio State University) Rise of Arab Hip Hop
      Natalie Davis (The Ohio State University) Graffiti in the Egyptian Revolution
      Shabnam Goli (University of Florida) Underground Rock Music in Contemporary Iran: A Form of Resistance in a Conservative Islamic Society
      Discussant: Alison Furlong (The Ohio State University)
    • Session 2: Gendered Agencies, Alternative Spaces, Resisting Discourses
      Tanya R. Rutner Room
      Kaustavi Sarkar (The Ohio State University) Mahari Then and Now; The Disposable Performativity in Odissi
      Valerie Ann Surrett (West Virginia University) The Journey from BFP to Bronze Boobies: The Hybridization of Folk and Official Culture on
      Angela Galvan (Kent State University) A Lovely Light: Women At Night As Subversive Act in India, Mexico, and the United States
      Discussant: Dr. Katherine Borland (The Ohio State University)
  • 11:00 Snack Break
    Barbie Tootle Room
  • 11:15 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 3: Resisting Categorization: Confronting Power and Popular Stigmas
      Senate Chamber Room
      Sarah Neterer (Indiana University) The “Struggle” and the “Faggot”: Cape Townian Music as Resistant Responses in South African Social Movements
      Heather McFadden (Indiana University) Female Musicians in Popular Music in Lima, Peru: Understanding Gendered Experiences in the Careers of Female Rock Musicians
      Olivia Caldeira (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Turning the Tables: Movements of Power, Resistance, and Compliance through Interviews
      Discussant: Dr. Amy Shuman (The Ohio State University)
    • Session 4: Articulating Subcultures: Exploring Creative Communication in Small Groups
      Tanya R. Rutner Room
      Matthew Cohen (Indiana University) Watching and Playing the Game: Unique Interpersonal Interactions Among Friends
      J. Ty Chadwell (George Mason University) Subverting Sundays: Brunch Spaces in Queer Places
      Sarah Jasmine Stork (The Ohio State University) Pages, Paragraphs, or Pithy Phrases?: Communication Styles in Online Communities
      Discussant: Dr. Kate Parker Horigan (Indiana University)
  • 12:45 Lunch and Poster Presentations
    Barbie Tootle and Tanya R. Rutner

    Rachel Armstrong and Tyler Eldridge (The Ohio State University) Preserving Paradise
    Chad Buterbaugh (Indiana University) How Contemporary Irish Storytellers Engage with Tradition, in Their Own Words
    Sarai Exil (The Ohio State University) The God Waun: Effects of Gang Mentality in Small Towns
    Alexandra Lendon (The Ohio State University) Supernatural Legends from the Historical Strand Theatre
  • 2:00 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 5: Restaging Folklore: Exploring Contemporary Adaptations
      Senate Chamber Room
      Ana Medina Fetterman (The Ohio State University) From Arthropods to Arachnids: Anthropomorphic Representations of the Subconscious in Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach
      Lauren Haynes (Independent Scholar) Un-defining Race: The Characterization of the “Self” and the “Other’” in Othello
      Christofer Johnson (The Ohio State University) TBA
      Discussant: Brittany Warman (The Ohio State University)
    • Session 6: Transmitting Culture: Power and Tradition
      Tanya R. Rutner Room
      Ziying You (The Ohio State University) “Incense Keeps Burning”: The Role of “Folk Literati” in Continuing and Representing Local Traditions in Hongdong, Shanxi, China
      Rodrigo Chocano (Indiana University) Ancestors and Power Relationships Among Musical Scenes: a Peruvian Case of Study
      Margaret Bissler (The Ohio State University) Broadcasting Indigeneity in Settler-Colonial Vancouver
      Discussant: Dr. Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University)
  • 3:45 Viewing the Vernacular: Folklife in the Womb of Power
    A Screening and Discussion of Two Student-Made Ethnographic Films
    Barbie Tootle Room
    Ehsan Estiri (Western Kentucky University) Miss Robabeh Is an Exception (2011)
    Narges Bajoghli (New York University)The Skin That Burns (2012)
    Discussant: Dr. Sabra J. Webber (The Ohio State University)
    Film Descriptions

Saturday, April 5, 2014

  • 8:00 Registration
    Senate Chamber Room
    Barbie Tootle Room
  • 9:00 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 7: Practices of Making and Viewing: Visual and Material Meaningfulness
      Rosa M. Ailabouni Room
      Megan Gallaher (The Ohio State University) “Transcendent Commodities”: The Significance of Ceramic Objects in Ritual Practice
      Meredith McGriff (Indiana University) Mirroring and Remastering in Potter-Customer Interactions
      Puja Batra-Wells (The Ohio State University) Imagination/Impersonation: The Visual Grammar of Vernacular Studio Photography in India
      Discussant: Kerry Kaleba (Independent Scholar)
    • Session 8: Constructing Meaning: Circulation of Narratives and Discourse Analysis
      Senate Chamber Room
      Anastasiya Astapova (University of Tartu) Alexandria: the Ultimate Potemkin Village
      Kurt Baer and Jason Nguyen (Indiana University) “Resistance is futile, hugs inevitable”: Discourses of Resistance in the My Little Pony Fandom
      Stephanie Aubry (The Ohio State University) Rumors of Violence in Post-War El Salvador: Constructing Master Narratives in Political and Media Discourses
      Discussant: Chad Buterbaugh (Indiana University)
  • 10:45 Keynote Address
    Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
    Dr. Alex E. Chávez (University of Notre Dame)
    “Verses and Flows: Transnational Personhood, Poetic Distance, and the Bridge of Affect”
    Presentation Abstract
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
    Attendees can purchase lunch from various places in the Ohio Union or nearby on High Street
  • 1:00 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 9: In/Visible Identities: DISCO Roundtable
      Rosa M. Ailabouni Room
      Chair: Sarah Dunlap
      Krista Benson, Toni Calbert, J. Brendan Shaw, Sarah Jasmine Stork (The Ohio State University)
      Moderator: Dr. Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University
    • Session 10: Subverting Genre: Music, Dance, and Literary Retoolings
      Senate Chamber Room
      Pablo Martín Domínguez (Indiana University) “False Prophets, False Apostles, Corruptors, Impostors, Witches, Molesters, Misers, Perjurers and Forgers!” Anti-Music and Identity
      Alexandra Harlig (The Ohio State University) “That's Not [x]”: Subverting and Policing Genre in Mediated Popular Dance
      Brittany Warman (The Ohio State University) Circumnavigating a Subversive Otherworld: Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland as Folkloric Liminal Space
      Discussant: Sara Cleto (The Ohio State University)
  • 2:45 Concurrent Sessions
    • Session 11: LOLZ: Humor and the Internet
      Senate Chamber Room
      Afsane Rezaei (Western Kentucky University) When Superman Comes in a Turban: Examining the “Thanks Rouhani” Post-Election Joke Cycle in Iranian Social Media
      Moriah Childers (Indiana University) “Bound 2” Where? Music Videos, their Parodies and the Public
      Sara Cleto (The Ohio State University) and Kerry Kaleba (Independent Scholar) Riffing the Canon: Creative Criticism for Popular Culture
      Discussant: Alexandra Harlig (The Ohio State University)
    • Session 12: Semiotics of the Sacred
      Rosa M. Ailabouni Room
      Graham (Yuanhao) Zhao (The Ohio State University) Making Sense of Karāmāt – A Hidden Manuscript of Chinese Jahiriyyah Sufi Order
      Ehsan Estiri (Western Kentucky University) A Secret Army of Motifs: The Shrine, Cave and Legends of Sarah Bat Asher in Esfehan, Iran
      Discussant: Erin Cahill (The Ohio State University)
  • 4:15 Snack Break
    Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
  • 4:30 Barnett Center Graduate Student Think Tank
    Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
    Panel Description

    Kaustavi Sarkar (The Ohio State University) A Performative Rendering of Sweet Honey in the Rock
    Allison Hoyle (The Ohio State University) Vocal Music as Vehicle for Agency and Identity

    Roundtable Discussion with Sweet Honey in the Rock Facilitated by Gretchen McIntosh (The Ohio State University) with members of SHIR: Dr. Louise Robinson, Dr. Nitanju Casel, Dr. Aisha Kahlil, Dr. Carol Maillard, Dr. Shirley Childress Johnson
    Discussant: Dr. Sonia BasSheva Manjon (The Ohio State University)

  • 6:30 Closing Remarks: Dr. Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)
    Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
  • 7:00 The Rhythm Ring
    Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
    Led by Dr. Louise Robinson, a member of Sweet Honey in the Rock, with sign language interpreter Dr. Shirley Childress Johnson.
  • 8:30 Social gathering at Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St.
    10:00 Heatwave at Ace of Cups